Horticulture & University Gardens

University Landscape Garden:

The area covered in the campus under gardens is about 70 acres; the Landscape being the largest, spread over an area of 35 acres. The garden was developed to create natural and pleasant environment in the Campus. Earlier, till 1970, convocations of the University were conducted in the Landscape Garden. The venue was later shifted to the Tagore Auditorium. The Landscape Garden serves as a natural park for students and staff. During summer, quite a few from the City of Hyderabad prefer to stroll through the park in the evenings. Mega events like All India Science Congress and other international conferences are also held in this garden.

Project Green Belt:

The project which was started in 1986 has given a big boost to the University greenery through plantation of trees under the energy plantation programme of Government of India. Over 1000 acres of the land in the campus have been planted with trees paving the way for the successful creation of a Green Belt providing the much required lung space to the people from the twin cities. There is a lowering of temperature by 2-3 degrees Celsius in the university campus area on account of this Green Belt.


The Deer Park was established in the year 1991 in an area of 60 acres located behind the Departments of Genetics and Microbiology and abutting the Vice-Chancellor's Lodge. This was started for the purpose of providing space to an endangered species of deer. The Deer Park had 10 deers in 1991 and over the period their population has increased to more than 200 now. This speaks volumes of the environment and ecology of the campus. Several bird watchers have been visiting the campus and as per their observation lots of new species of birds have been sighted due to development of campus greenery.

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