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The Chief Warden Office was established in the year 1918. The main objective of this Office is to provide food and accommodation to the students admitted into the various courses of the University Campus and constituent Colleges. At present 22 hostels and 15 messes are functioning under the administrative & financial control of the concerned College Principals. The Chief Warden Office was decentralized and the Hostels & Messes were attached to respective College for maintenance of records and Mess Accounts as follows:-

  • New Godavari, C ( Kaveri ), Maneru& B (Krishnaveni) under the control of Chief Warden, Hostels & Messes, OU.
  • Old PG and NRS Hostels under the control of Principal, UCA & SS, OU.
  • New PG Hostel under the control of Principal, UCS, OU.
  • E-I Hostel under the control of Principal, UCL, OU.
  • B.Ed. Hostel under the control of Principal, IASE, OU.
  • E-II & New SarayuHostels under the control of Principal, Nizam College, Hyderabad.
  • Manjeera Hostel under the control of Principal, UCC & BM, OU.
  • CHW- I, CHW-II, CHW-III, CHW - IV & Ph.D. H&M Under control of Director, Campus Hostels for Women.
Chief Warden Additional Chief Warden
Dr. G. SrinivasRao
Asst. Prof. in Commerce
Univ. P.G. College, Sec'bad.
Dr. K. Laxma Reddy
Asst. Prof. in Chemistry
Univ. College f TEchnology, OU.

This Office looks after the online Hostel Admission process, for the students pursuing PG courses in the Univ. College of Arts & Social Sciences and Univ. College of Sciences, OU.

The General Warden will look into the maintenance of the Hostel Building and general supervision and attend to the day to day problems like restoration of Electricity supply, sanitary works and Water supply to the Hostels with the assistance of the Hostel staff. The Mess Warde's duties include maintenance of the Mess Dining Hall and supervision of the staff, preparation and submission of the Mess Bills in time.

Presently 43 Permanent employees, 45 Time Scale employees and 357 outsourcing personnel are working in the various Hostels & Messes. The sanitation work of the University Hostels and Messes is outsourced and entrusted to private Agency.