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Rules section of Osmania University, renamed as Legal Cell of Osmania University in the year 1987, it deals with all kinds of Legal activities of the Osmania University. Legal Cell brings out Regulations for Legal related matters (Court cases). Also monitors the progress and status of the Court matters at Osmania University Jurisdiction includes High Court/Supreme Court of India level through proper Coordination with Registrar, Deputy Registrar’s/Assistant Registrar’s /Principals/Directors etc. and also with Standing Counsels /Advocates

  1. Rendering advice on legal matters with reference to Court cases dealt with referred by the various Sections/Colleges/Directorates etc.
  2. Rendering legal opinion on different policy matters
  3. Filing Writ Petitions, Counter Affidavits/ written statements and attending on the cases of HRC, National Commissions, Lokayukta, Women Commission, Civil & Criminal Cases gathering of the remarks from respective sections and to submit them to the concern Advocates/ Standing counsels for effective disposals of the cases.

The Legal Cell is also co-ordinating for the quick disposal of RTI Applications at University and state level ie Appellate Authority level to avoid approaching the RTI Commission. The Applications submitted by the Applicants under RTI Act, 2005 have to be classified and forwarded to the Concern Public Information Officer’s and to monitor the information should reach directly to the Applicant under intimation to the Legal Cell for filing the RTI case. The Legal cellhas been preparing Quarterly Report & Yearly Reports of the RTI Applications status and sending them to the Higher Education Department, Government of Telangana for information.

The following are the Staff members to carry out Functioning of Legal Cell, Osmania University
S.No Name Designation works
1 PROF. B. VIJAYALAXMI I/c Director Co-ordination between Standing Counsels and University for effective disposal of the cases.
2 Dr. Mohammed Khaja Saber Asst.Registrar Supervision, monitor for quick disposal of cases of the Legal Cell, O.U.
3 K.Chandra Mohan Jr. Asst. Attending Standing Counsel Offices and High Court Cases
4 G.Venkatesh O.S. Attending Standing Counse Offices disposal of RTI Cases
5 Ch.Rajesh O.S. Attending Office Inward and Outward