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Campus Colleges

The Arts College was inaugurated on August 28, 1919. It was temporarily housed in eight rented buildings in Gunfoundry area with 25 teachers and 225 students in the Interm ediate...
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The University College of Engineering (UCE) has the distinction of being the oldest and the biggest among the Engineering Colleges of the combined State of Andhra Pradesh.
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The University College of Technology is one of the premier and the oldest colleges offering Chemical Engineering and Chemical Technology education in the country.
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The UCC & BM is one of the prime colleges in the Osmania University, located on the main campus, playing a pivotal Role in serving the society by shaping the careers of the students...
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The Osmania University, established in 1918, is the seventh oldest in the country, third oldest in South India and the first to be established in the princely state of Hyderabad.
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The Faculty of Law, Osmania University has a glorious history of more than 100 years. The "Law class" was opened in the year 1899 to give instruction in law to students desirous of...
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The University College of Science has a strong tradition of research in both basic and applied sciences. Even though the college itself was established in 1918, the work carried out in...