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Students Welfare Department

The Office of the Dean, Students' Affairs is located in the Ground Floor of Prof. J. Anantha Swamy Administrative Building, Osmania University campus Hyderabad and is headed by the Dean of Students Affairs. Its basic mandate is to look into the grievances of the students and help in redressing them. It also plays a pivotal role in organizing cultural and recreational activities of students. In case of any student requiring parental guidance, his/her parents will be informed accordingly. Youth Welfare Officers assist them. He can be contacted at any time by the students for help on academic, personal, health and cultural matters.

Director (Student's Affairs)
Prof. B. Rajendra Naik
Dean, Student's Affairs
Contact No: 8331997143

To make the students to participate in the development of the University and develop their career, personality & organizational skills through interactive programs with the faculty, administration and society.

Announcements / Upcoming Events
Anti-Ragging Awareness Poster
Anti-Ragging Measures
Duties and Responsibilities of the Student's Affairs Department
  1. Smooth Conduction of the Inter Collegiate Cultural Competition every year.
  2. Prevention of ragging in the University through counseling senior students, helping the administration whenever necessary.
  3. Suggesting the administration to improve the student amenities to improve their career and personality building.
  4. Helping the administration in smooth conduct of student activities in the University.
  5. Guiding the junior and needy students to improve their technical, organizational and managerial skills by organizing seminars / symposia / workshops etc.
  6. Encouraging innovative and creative skills of the under graduate and post graduate students.
  7. Any activity to improve the knowledge and skills of the University students.
  8. Maintenance of the peace and harmony in the University and student community in particular.
Code of conduct for the students
  1. No candidate shall create mutual hatred or cause tension between different castes and communities, religious or linguistic or between any group(s) of students.
  2. Candidates shall refrain from criticism of all aspects of private life not connected with the public activities of other candidates.
  3. No candidate shall be permitted to carry procession or public meeting.
  4. No candidate shall, nor shall his/her supporters, deface or cause any destruction to any property of the University.
  5. All candidates shall be prohibited from indulging or abetting, all activities which are considered to be corrupt practices and offences.
  6. In general, all candidates must obey the code of conduct of students.

Contact Us: Ground Floor Room # 11
Administrative Building, OU Campus, Hyderabad -07
Phones: (O) 040-27682250 (M) 9490792307
Email ID: oudeanstudentaffairs@gmail.com