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Directorate of Academic Audit

Brief History

The Office of the Academic Audit Cell was established in the year 1978 in order to monitor effectively the academic and administrative functioning, of affiliated colleges under Osmania University. It was a unique concept initiated by Osmania University, later followed by other Universities of the State.

In the year 1984, to relieve the heavy burden upon the Controller of Examinations, the University created a Cell in the Office of the Directorate of Academic Audit (Academic Audit Cell) to coordinate the working of the constitution of Examination Centres, posting of observers and squad members etc, to deal with the problems which cropped up during the course of examinations,

The Directorate of Academic Audit performs several functions such as grant of affiliation and extension of affiliation to colleges and courses under different faculties. Apart from these functions, inspections are also conducted by Directorate of Academic Audit during, the academic year.

  • To enhance the academic and research standards in colleges
  • To attend to the redressal of grievances of students, staff and managements of colleges and
  • To monitor conduct of classes, availability of teaching and non- teaching staff and the up keeping and maintenance, of laboratories , library and other records.

The main objective of the Directorate of Academic Audit is to ensure academic standards in affiliated colleges and strengthen them academically and administratively each year, by inspecting the colleges and verifying, the records, etc,

The Important Functions of directorate are
  • Grant of affiliation and extension of affiliation to the colleges and courses under different faculties.
  • Conducting Orientation programs to the Principals / Chief Superintendents of affiliated colleges with regard to Admission and Examination rules.
  • Supervision over admissions at the Undergraduate level.
  • Surprise Visits / Inspections for affiliated colleges to strengthen the academics
  • Nomination of University representative on the Governing Bodies and selection committee of Private Colleges with the approval of Vice- Chancellor
  • Ratification of appointments of teaching staff in private colleges and getting, approval by the Vice- Chancellor
  • Action on matters pertaining to revision of Syllabus at the Undergraduate level, monitoring the Departmental conferences
  • Supervision and enforcement of coverage of Syllabi in all UG/ PG Colleges
  • Review and enforcement of requirements with regard to attendance of students
  • Supervision and monitor for smooth and fair conduct of UG/ PG Examinations and all the Professional Courses and Collection of University fees from the Colleges.
  • Osmania University is one of the oldest and largest affiliating University in the country with more than 720 UG/PG/ Professional colleges with a total student's strength of about3.2 lakhs under 12 Faculties viz.
    • Faculty of Arts
    • Faculty of Science
    • Faculty of Social Sciences
    • Faculty of Business Management
    • Faculty of Commerce
    • Faculty of Education
    • Faculty of Engineering
    • Faculty of Informatics
    • Faculty of Law
    • Faculty of Oriental Languages
    • Faculty of Pharmacy
    • Faculty of Technology
    • Other Diploma Courses in various colleges
    • MOUs with central and state Government bodies.
Prof. B. Srinagesh
Department of Geography
University College of Science
Osmania University
Joint Directors

Dr. P. Ramesh
Department of History
Nizam College
Osmania University

Dr. M. Sreenath Reddy
Associate Professor
Department of Physics
University College of Science
Osmania University

Dr. G. Vidya Sagar Rao
Assistant Professor
Department of Business Mgmt
Univ. College of Commerce & Business Management
Osmania University
Affiliated Colleges under Osmania University
S.No. Name of the Employee Designation
1. Sri R. Vinod Kumar Asst. Registrar
2. Mohammed Ismail Khan Jr. Assistant
3. A. Ravi Chandra Reddy Data Base Administrator
4. V. Venkanna Data Entry Operator

Contact Information : +91-040-2709 7605 (Off); +91-9989064567 (Mobile)

Fax: +91-040-27096177, Email : academicaudit@osmania.ac.in