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Obtaining Information

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Obtaining Information

The particulars of facilities available to citizens for obtaining information, including the working hours of a library or a reading room if maintained for public use.

Help desks are made available to the citizens for obtaining information in the following offices;

1. Directorate of Employment and Guidance Bureau 27098153, 8331041288
2. Directorate of Admissions 27090136, 8331041286
3. Directorate of University Press 27098389, 8331041287
4. Directorate of University Foreign Relations 27096187, 8331997287, 8331997288
5. Office of the Controller of Examinations 27090979, 8331997221, 8331997223, 8331997232
6. Office of the PGRR Centre for Distance Education 27098350, 8331040949, 8331040950
7. The web site of Osmania University www.osmania.ac.in