Origin/Brief History of the Department

The office of the Infrastructure was established in 1999 with the objective of filling the gap between the Campus and Constituent Colleges and various other departments of the University with respect to getting their colleges and departments fully equipped to meet the present day demands in the context of the computerization of administration.


   Prof. V. Bhikshma

Professor Civil Engineering
Director (Infrastructure)
Osmania University.
Hyderabad-500 007, Telangana., India.


The main objective of Infrastructure is to provide services to both students and staff. The services include provision of internet to the entire campus, Computerization of various activities in the administration such as College Information, archival, etc. services also include providing telephone facility, intercom facility to all the units and to facilitate the procurement of various equipments, computers, etc., to all the Colleges/departments including various sections of the Administrative building and implementation of automation in various sections of the Administrative Building, etc.

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