The Vice-Chancellor is the academic and executive head of the University. The Vice-Chancellor provides both academic and administrative leadership. The Vice-Chancellor is appointed by the Chancellor on the recommendation of the Government. A search committee, consisting of nominees of the State Government, University and University Grants Commission prepares a panel of names, for the purpose. Based on this panel, the Government makes its selection. The Vice-Chancellor is appointed for a three year term and is eligible for reappointment for one more term.

The Vice-Chancellor is the Chairman of the Executive Council and Academic Senate. As such the Vice-Chancellor plays a pivotal role in formulating policies and taking major decisions - both academic and administrative. Although the Vice-Chancellor is empowered to take decisions by himself, yet the Vice-Chancellor very seldom exercises this option. The Vice-Chancellor is the appointing authority of all the officers of the University, including the heads of Departments, Chairmen of Boards of Studies, Principals etc. The Vice-Chancellor exercises control over the University's finances and keeps a watch on the performance of different academic and administrative wings. The reputation and image of the University broadly depends on the dynamism, vision and leadership provided by the Vice-Chancellor

1 Nawab Habibur Rehman Khan 1918-19
2 Nawab Wahi-ud-Dowla 1920-35
3 Nawab Mehdiyar Jung Bahadur 1936-43
4 Nawab Azam Jung Bahadur 1943-45
5 Nawab Aliyawar Jung Bahadur 1945-46
6 Dr. Woli Mohammed 1946-47
7 Dr. Raziuddin Siddiqui 1947-48
8 Nawab Aliyawar Jung Bahadur 1948-52
9 Prof. Suri Bhagavantam 1952-57
10 Dr. D. S. Reddy 1957-69
11 Prof. Ravada Satyanarayana 1969-72
12 Sri. N. Narotham Reddy 1972-75
13 Justice P. Jaganmohan Reddy 1975-77
14 Prof. G. Ram Reddy 1977-82
15 Sri Syed Hashim Ali, IAS 1982-85
16 Prof. T. Navaneeth Rao 1985-91
17 Prof. M. Malla Reddy 1991-95
18 Prof. V. Ramakistayya 1996-99
19 Prof. D. C. Reddy 1999-02
20 Prof. J. Anantha Swamy 2002-04
21 Prof. Mohd. Suleman Siddqui 2005-08
22 Prof. T. Tirupati Rao 2008-11
23 Prof. S. Satyanarayana 2011-14
24 Prof. S. Ramachandram 2016-19

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