Route Map

1. Location:

The general area where Osmania University is located, is called Tarnaka. 'Arts College' (University College of Arts and Social Sciences) is the best known landmark on the university campus.

2. Distances & costs:

  • Osmania University campus is about 8-10 kms from the two major inter-city and inter-state bus stations - Mahatma Gandhi Bus Station (MGBS, Hyderabad; earlier known as Imlibun bus stand) and Jubilee Bus Station (JBS, Secunderabad).
  • The campus is about 8-10 kms also from both Secunderabad and Hyderabad Railway Stations.
  • From either of the railway stations, and from the bus stations, it should cost Rs 40-50 by a three-wheeler (auto-rickshaw or auto, as it is called in Hyderabad). The autos are metered, take a maximum of three passengers and are fairly reliable. There are police-manned auto-rickshaw stands at both the railway stations.
  • OU is about 40 kms from the airport (the new Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, Shamshabad).

From the airport you can hire (from just outside the terminal building) metered, air-conditioned radio cabs @ Rs 10-15 per km (to OU Rs 500 approx).

  • Easy Cabs: (Logan) - (040-4343-4343) - officially approved by the Airport (Rs 15 per/km)
  • Meru Cabs: (Logan) - (040-4422-4422) - officially approved by the Airport (Rs 15 per/km)
  • Dot Cabs: (Innova) - (040-2424-2424) (Rs 15 per/km)
  • Yellow Taxi: (Indica) - (040-4400-4400) (Rs 12 per/km)
  • Green Cab: (Maruti 800) - (040-2460 6060) (Rs 10 per/km)

Alternatively, you can take the Airport Shuttle Service to Keys High School, Secunderabad (Rs 150) and travel from there to OU (8-10 kms) by an auto (about Rs 50).

3. Map:

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