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1. University College for Women
2. Nizam College
3. University College of Science, Saifabad
4. University PG College, Secunderabad
5. PG College of Law Basheerbagh


(Established in 1924)

In the midst of a busy commercial area marking the threshold of old Hyderabad and the new metropolis, lies the 36-acre park-like estate built in 1808. The site was a gift from the Nizam to the British Resident Captain. J. A. Kirkpatrick. The University College for Women is one of the oldest and largest institutions in Telangana, which caters to women's education. The main building of this College is a monument of great aesthetic, architectural and historical importance being part of the British legacy in India. It is massive in size and has an opulent facade of massive Corinthian pillars forty feet in height. Two lions guard it across a sixty-foot space of twenty-one marble stairs. As a former Residency, it weaves its own mystique with galleried halls and drawing rooms, a Darbar Hall of stupendous proportions, painted ceiling, parquet floors of inlayed wood, flanked by tall mirrors. It well-fortified outer walls serve as a safe haven for the young girls studying within. The College stands out as the best in women's education. The College has Under Graduate courses in the faculties of Arts, Social Sciences, Commerce and Science and Post-Graduate courses in thirteen departments. The college has also introduced vocational courses at the Under Graduate level, in addition to many professional and allied courses, diploma and certificate courses. The College came into being in 1924. The College now has over three thousand students spread over the faculties of Arts, Social Sciences, Commerce, Sciences and Engineering at Under Graduate and Post-Graduate levels. The college offers thirty-five subjects at the Under Graduate level, taught by highly qualified and experienced faculty. Sixteen courses have a Post-Graduate status. There is also a large supporting staff to run the College. The College has good computer and library facilities with access to the Internet. Tremendous encouragement is given for participation is Sports, NCC and NSS activities. Spacious grounds and infrastructure are available for both indoor and outdoor games. The college also has a firing range and parade ground for the NCC cadets. Cultural and literacy activities are also organized for the students. The College strives to maintain standards of excellence in academic as well as extra curricular activities and thereby provide the students with the best opportunities for a healthy personality development.

Academic Programmes

Under Graduate and Post-Graduate programmes in Arts, Science and Commerce focus on providing a rigorous training to students in the subjects of their choice. Post-Graduate programmes are linked to the employment needs of different social and scientific organisations thus forging a vital link between the University and Society. Diploma and Certificate Courses are primarily vocational courses, which train students for specific jobs. These courses are need-based and they are designed in consonance with the requirements of various private and public sector organizations.


The UGC has constituted the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) to assess educational institutions in India and this college was the first of the Osmania University colleges to have been accredited. The NAAC team visited the college in 1999, and after a thorough assessment of the various programmes offered by the college, awarded five star status.

The courses offered by the college are as under:

Under Graduate programmes

BA, BSc, BCom and BCA

Post-Graduate programmes

MA in Arts and Social Sciences

MSc in Inorganic, Organic and Physical Chemistry

MSc in Electronics and Biophysics


2. NIZAM COLLEGE (Established in 1887)

One of the premier colleges within the fold of Osmania University, Nizam College celebrated its centenary in 1987. The College is one of the oldest and most prestigious institutions of higher education not only in Telangana State but also in India. It was established in 1887 by the amalgamation of the Hyderabad School (Noble School) and Madarsa-I-Aliya. Initially it was affiliated to the University of Madras for 60 years and was made a constituent college of Osmania University on February 19, 1947. Many of today's leaders in the Nation and State from this region have passed through the halls of this historic college. The College offers many professional and allied courses at the Under Graduate and Post-Graduate levels. Located in the heart of the city, the college encompasses extensive land on which curricular and extra curricula!- activities takes place, hostels and other facilities are provided for students, laboratories and sports. Nizam College has produced many a sportsmen and women of international repute. The College was granted autonomy by the university facilitating the development of need-based courses and curricula. The College has its own health centre and hostel. The library of the College is one of the oldest and has a collection of many rare old books, in addition to the latest editions. It subscribes to quite a few journals.

In view of its consistently high degree of academic performance and long standing the College had been granted autonomous status by the UGC in the year 1988-89 at Under Graduate level and continues to enjoy this status. As a part of it, the college is having its own academic bodies viz., Governing Body, Academic Council, Finance Committee and Boards of Studies for each department to monitor its academic, financial and other activities to the desired level of satisfaction of the appropriate authorities.

The College offers both the Under Graduate as well as Post-Graduate courses in the Faculties of Arts and Social Sciences, Science, and Commerce. At present the College has 29 teaching departments. In addition to these courses, several students are pursuing their Doctoral and Post-Doctoral programmes.

The courses offered by the college are as under:

Under Graduate programmes

BA, BSc, BCom and BCA

Post-Graduate programmes

MA in Arts and Social Sciences

MSc in Inorganic, Organic and Physical Chemistry

MSc in Electronics and Biophysics



(Established in 1951)

The College was established in 1951 in the prime locality at the foothills of Banjara Hills. Initially it was established as an Intermediate College and the present college campus at Saifabad situated in the western part of the city was acquired from the erstwhile Government of Hyderabad. The campus spread over 18.17 acres, is full of greenery and beautiful gardens. There is a good collection of rare flora, which is of botanical importance. There is an imposing fossil wood, a generous and valuable gift of Geological Survey of India (Southern Region), erected in the garden. This was collected from the Pranitha Godavari basin, from where the intact fossil of Rhinchosaur was collected. This fossil is of high order educational value. The buildings that are a century old are renovated recently to impart a decent look with the newly laid internal roads. During the past five decades, the college has shown a steady progress punctuated by milestones of achievement in higher education.

The College gradually evolved into a Post-Graduate centre offering courses al various levels of university education. Apart from teaching and research programmes, both teachers and students are engaged in sports, literature, fine arts, NCC and NSS programmes. Students enrolled in this college are mostly from the rural areas and courses offered are in the core subjects that form the base line for rural development through extension and research activities. Thus the College offers ample opportunities for students to study and to get involved in nation-building activities through which eventually, they become responsible citizens with good careers.


(Established in 1947)

Arts and Science College, Secunderabad, a constituent college of Osmania University, was started in 1947. The College was renamed in 1987 as Post Graduate College with starting of Post-Graduate courses. The College offers both Under Graduate and Post-Graduate course in most of the subjects which are taught on campus, giving an additional opportunity for students seeking higher education. The College offers 10 PG courses spread over four faculties, in the subjects of Economics, History, Political Science, Public Administration, English, Hindi, Telugu, Urdu, Mathematics and Commerce. The College also offers Under Graduate courses: BA, BSc in English Medium and BCom in both English and Telugu Media. BCA course was started in 1998-99 on self-financing basis. The College has obtained permission for starting BSc (Biotechnology). The College has a hostel for Post-Graduate students that can accommodate over 200. The student enrolment is over 900 for Under Graduate and 500 for Post-Graduate programmes and has the faculty strength at 65.


(Established in 1993)

The College was established in the year 1993 in order to impart instruction in physical education leading to the award of Master's Degree in Physical Education. Initially the College was located in the second floor of Post-Graduate College of Law (Evening) which is situated in Nizam College premises and later it was relocated in a separate building, an erstwhile residence of the Principal, Nizam College. Presently it is located in the main campus of the university. The College offers Master of Physical Education, MPEd (Regular) and MPEd (Summer Course) under self-financing scheme. At present the College library has 300 books that cater to needs of MPEd students. The College has play grounds for volley-ball, basket-ball and kabaddi and for various indoor games. A gym with required equipment is also there. The University provides vast grounds for all other out door games.


As one of the oldest and largest Universities in the country, Osmania has always responded to the ever-changing patterns at both socio-economic and pedagogical levels and has always been conscious of its role to the preserve, create and disseminate knowledge with high efficiency and commitment. With this mandate, during the past few years, the University has launched many innovative programs to improve the academic culture and standards, and some of them mission objectives are:

  • Rural Education - expansion of Post-Graduate Centres in Districts
  • Introduction of new, bridge and vocational courses
  • To establishment and strengthen the relations with industry and R&D Laboratories
  • To meet the short and long term manpower needs for social, economic and industrial
  • To promote excellence in learning in an environment conducive to free thinking with a view to impart education in a gurukula type atmosphere
  • To provide education in basic and applied areas of Science, Engineering, Management, and Social Sciences suitable to the needs of the Society
  • The development of Human Resources
  • To cultivate the necessary skills, attitudes and habits to life long learning
  • To inculcate the concept of self-management

Osmania University started establishing the Post-Graduate Centres in the Districts of Telangana since 1976 with the first Centre coming up at Bhiknur, with MSc Chemistry (Agrochemicals, Fertilisers and Pesticides) course and at Godavarikhani with MSc (Engineering, Physics & Instrumentation). During 1980 the MSc (Sugar Chemistry) course was started at Mirzapur, with two centres coming up at Mahabubnagar with MA (Political Science) and MCom and at Nalgonda, with MCom and MSc (Mathematics in 1987. Additional centres were established for job-oriented self-finance courses such as MBA and MCA, taking into consideration the needs of the region and the support given by the local leadership and the district administration at Gadwal, Siddipet, Vikarabad, Medak, Nalgonda and Mahabubnagar during 1993 - 1998. In 1994, MSc (Engineering, Physics & Instrumentation was also started at Nalgonda. During the year 1998, MSc (Inorganic Chemistry) was started at Mirzapur.

PG College, Bhiknur

The Post-Graduate College, Bhiknur was started in the year 1976 under the Six-point programme with the objective of establishing PG Centres in rural areas. It is situated at the 'T' junction known as BASIC, which is 5 km away from Bhiknur town and 15 km from Kamareddy town on the National Highway 7 towards Nizamabad. The College is 105 km from Osmania University, Hyderabad. This institute with Gurukula atmosphere in a serene and peaceful environment in 40 acres of lush green land brings the best out of students academically.

PG College, Mirzapur

The College was started under the name of PG School of Applied Chemistry, during November 1980 in the Community Development Block buildings, handed over by Panchayat Samiti, Zaheerabad. For the purpose of teaching in Sugar Technology, an established sugarcane farm with irrigation facilities and onsite training in Nizam Sugar Factory located 2 km from the Centre was also made possible due to the help from local leadership. The College has five well-equipped laboratories for conducting practical classes to first and final year MSc courses. In addition, a separate Research Laboratory, Computer Laboratory and Instrumentation Centre (with sophisticated instruments) are also provided to cater to the needs of research activities. There is an attached Hostel to the College that can accommodate 60 students, including research scholars.

PG College, Mahabubnagar

The College at Mahabubnagar District head quarters was established in December 1987 under the policy of the Government of Telangana to have at least one Post-Graduate College in each District. The Government allotted 16 acres land for the establishment of the College in 1994. The College has ten teaching faculty with necessary non-teaching and supporting staff. Osmania University, understanding the spirit of the policy of the Government to develop most backward areas, financed for the construction of a college building.

Courses offered at this college are:

MA (Political Science), MCom, MCA, MBA with the electives in Marketing, Human Resources Management and Finance.

PG College, Nalgonda

The Post-Graduate College at Nalgonda District head quarters was established in the year 1987 as a Government PG Centre initially in the premises of Nagarjuna Government Degree College, Nalgonda, and was handed over to Osmania University in 1988. During the academic year 1994-95, MSc Engineering Physics and Instrumentation course was started. Recently two more courses of MBA and MCA were started during 1997-98 and 98-99, respectively, on self-financing basis. The total enrolment of studies of all the five courses is over 270. The College is the biggest constituent District PG College of Osmania University.

Courses offered: MCom, MSc (Mathematics), MSc (Engg., Physics & Instrumentation) and MCA. MBA with electives in Marketing, Human Resources Development and Finance.

PG College, Gadwal

The Post-Graduate College at Gadwal was started in the year 1993 with the main objective of imparting education in the backward region like Gadwal, situated in Mahabubnagar District, which is having the lowest literacy rate.

Courses offered : 3-year MCA course

PG College, Medak

The PG College at Medak District head quarters was established in the year 1993 with the sole aim of imparting education in the backward region. The College is located in a beautiful campus in an area of about 5.5 acres and has a pleasant atmosphere to it.

Courses offered : the College is at present offering a 3-year MCA course.

PG College, Siddipet

The Post-Graduate College at Siddipet was established in 1993 as a district college of Osmania University with the sole objective of making higher education available in the rural areas. Siddipet is a small town, about 100 km from Hyderabad on Rajiv Rahadari and is well connected by road.

Courses offered: the College offers both MCA and MBA (Marketing, Management, Financial Management and Human Resources Management)

PG College, Vikarabad

Osmania University established a Post-Graduate College of Business Management education at Vikarabad in Ranga Reddy district in 1993, to provide an opportunity to the moffusil students to pursue higher education in Business Management. This college is about 65 km from Hyderabad city and is located in a campus of 10 acres.

Courses offered: the College offers a 2 year full time MBA degree programme in Marketing, Finance and Human Resources Development.

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