List of Ph.D Awardees

List of Ph.D Awardees under OU faculty (2011-2017)

Name of the faculty Number of  Ph.D’s  Awarded Name of the faculty (Retired) Number of  Ph.Ds  Awarded
Prof M Devadas 2 Professor S Sondu 3
Prof M Vithal 12 Professor K Nageshwar Rao 2
Prof. Ch. Sarala Devi 8 Professor S Satyanarayana 7
Professor Shiv Raj 7 Professor L N Sarada 3
Prof  D Ashok 13 Professor P Srinivas 7
Prof. T. Parthasarathy 11 Professor  G Venkateshwarlu 6
Prof. B. Satyanarayana 3 Professor  Ch Kishta Reddy 2
 Prof P V Rao 2 Professor V Uma 7
Prof. P Veerasomaiah 5 Professor G V Bhadram 5
Prof Leelavathi 2 Professor G Prabhakar Reddy  
Prof A K D Bhavani 1 Prof. Rabindra Reddy 1
Prof.Vijjyullatha 6 Prof G L David Krupadanam 1
Dr. N. J. P. Subhashini 3 Prof P K Sai Prakash 1
Dr.T V D Prasad 2 Prof Ch Anjaneyulu 1
    Prof K C Rajanna 2
    Prof A Ram Reddy 1
    Prof P Jayaprakash Rao 1
    Prof C Gynana Kumari 1
Grand Total 149 are  awarded with Ph.D  degree

List of Ph.D Awardees from 2011-2017

Name of the Supervisor: Prof P K Sai Prakash
S No Name of the Student Thesis Title Date of Award
1 Marri Venkateswarulu Kinetic and Sythetic aspects of some Vilsmeric Hack Reactions 09-02-2012
Name of the Supervisor: Prof P Rabindra Reddy
2 Raju Nomula Cu(II)-1,10-Phenonthroline/ 2,2’ bipyridyl and dipeptide complexes, synthesis and characterization and investigation of their DNA cleavage properties 22-08-2011
3 Addla Shilpa Design and development of Robust Metalonueases Cu(II)-schiff base-1,10-phenonthroline/2,2 bipyridine as DNA binding and cleavage agents. 22-11-2012
Name of the Supervisor: Prof G L David Krupadanam
4 M Koteswara Reddy 15-12-2011
5 Challa Krishna 01-03-2014
6 Gudipudi Gopinath 22.10.2016
Name of the Supervisor: Prof M Srinivas Mohan
7 K B Shanti Sudha Binary and ternary metal complese of DL-pencillamine and their biological relavance 2014
Name of the Supervisor: Prof P L Prasunambha
8 Sivalakshmi Devi Quality aaurance studies of some active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIS) by X-ray diffraction and NMR spectral methods 27-09-2012
Name of the Supervisor: Prof K C Rajanna
9 Dr. S. Ramgopal A Kinetic And Synthetic Study of Certain Condensation, Nitration And Bromonitration Reactions Under Micellar And Non-Conventional Conditions 2011
9 Ms S Shyalaja Oxidation Of Certain Biomolecules in Presence of Micelles and Polyethylene glycols – A Kinetic And Synthetic Study 24-02-2012
10 Kota Ramesh Polyethylene Glycols as Catalysts in Hunsdiecker – Borodin Reactions – A Synthetic and Kinetic Approach 12-03-2012
11 K Rajendar Reddy Synthesis and Kinetics of 2- Alkoxy, 6-carbonyl, 1-halo Naphthalenes in Organized media 06-05-2013
12 Saraiah Sana Regioselective Nitration of Aromatic and Heterocyclic Compounds Mediated by Certain Environmentally Safe and Inexpensive Reagents - A Structure Reactivity Study 27-05-2013
13 G Krishnaiah Synthesis and Characterization of Certain new Materials for Catalytic Applications 16-11-2015
14 Pasunuri Srinivas Transition metal complexes as efficient catalysts for Electrophilic Aromatic Substitution and Transesterification Reactions- Synthetic and Kinetic Approach 01-10-2016
Name of the Supervisor: Prof K Venugopal Reddy
15 S Sashikanth 6-01-2015
16 Somaiah 26-02-2015
Name of the Supervisor: Prof C Gynana Kumari
17 B Anupama Synthesis, spectral characterization, biological activity of DNA binding studies of transition metal complexes of 4-aminoantipyrine shciff ‘s bases 17-06-2013
18 K Mounika Synthesis, spectral characterization, biological activity of new transition metal complexes of schiff’s bases derived from 2-aminobenzoic acid with substistuted salcylaldihyde 06-09-2012
19 M Padmaja Synthesis, spectral characterization, biological studies of transition metal complexes chromone 3-carboxyhaldehyde of schiff’s bases 25-10-2012
20 M Sunitha Synthesis, spectral characterization, DNA binding and cleavage studies of transition metal complexes of Benzimidazole derivatives. 08-03-2013
21 Pragathi Jogi Synthesis, spectrac characterization, biological activity and DNA interaction of transition metal complexes of novel schiff’s base ligand derived from 2-(2-amino methyl benzemidazole 29-11-2012
Name of the Supervisor: Prof M Anand Rao
22 P Pushpa Latha Analytical aspects of some organic compounds of forensic and pharmaceutical interst. 10-10-2013
23 Sridharala Ramu A quantitative study of metal mediated intramolecualr interaction in the ternary complexes of beta hydroxyl derivatives in solutions 21-09-2015
24 B Sreedhar Rao Oxidation of organic compounds by peroxy diphosphate catalysed by metalions. 26-12-2016
Name of the Supervisor: Prof R Madhusudan Raju
25 M Aruna 22-07-2017
Name of the Supervisor: Prof P Jayaprakash Rao
26 G Vijayalakshmi Kinetics and mechanism of protection of nucleic acid constituents from t-BuO· by antioxidants and synergistic interactions 15-05-2012
Name of the Supervisor: Prof A Ram Reddy
27 P Venkataramana   18-05-2012
28 Anvitha Mudiraj   10-01-2013
29 T Sheshashena Reddy   30-04-2013
30 J RamChander   18-09-2015
Name of the Supervisor: Prof P Ettaiah
31 K. Ravi Kiran Potentiometric, Synthetic and Antimicrobial activity investigation of substituted 4-pyrones, 4-pyridone and dipeptide ternary complexes with bivalent metal ions 24-09-2012
Name of the Supervisor: Prof K Nageshwara Rao
Name of the Supervisor: Prof S Sathyanarayana
32 K. Ashwini Kumar: Synthesis, Characterization, DNA-binding, Photocleavage and antimicrobial activity studies of Polypyridyl Transition Metal Chemistry 2011
33 M. Shilpa Synthesis DNA-binding, and Photocleavage studies of Cobalt(III) and Ruthenium(II) Mixed Polypyridyl complexes 24-02-2012
34 Ch. Shobha Devi Design and synthesis of Ru (II) polypyridyl complexes –interaction with DNA cytotoxicity, cell cycle arrest and apoptotic inducing activities, 15-05-2013
35 Nazar Mohammed Gabra Omer Synthesis and Characterization of Co(III) and Ru(II) mixed ligand complexes and their binding and photo cleavage studies with DNA,  20-03-2014
36 A. Srishailam Synthesis, Characterization, DNA binding and antitumor activity of Ru(II) polypyridyl complexes 26-09-2015
37 Yata Praveen Kumar Ruthenium(II) polypyridyl molecular light switch complexes: synthesis characterization DNA binding, photocleavage and cytotoxicity studies, 27-10-2015
38 Cijo John Analytical profiles of drugs of abuse in unusual forensic samples ofbiological origin, 9-11-2015
39 M. Rajendar Reddy  the design and synthesis of Ru(II) imidazo polypyridyl derivatives, DNA binding; cytotoxicity and their computational studies  30-03-2017
Name of the Supervisor: Prof LN Sharada
40 Satya Narayana Reddy Synthesis and Anti-ulcer activity of Nitrogen containing Heterocyclic molecules 2014
41 D Sumalatha Zinc triflate catalysed synthesis and characterization of some biologically active Heterocyclic intermediates. 30-01-2015
Name of the Supervisor: Prof Ch Anjaneyulu
42 Jyothi Padmaja Systematic design, synthesis, characterization and anti microbial activity of new nitrogen containing heterocyclic compounds 04-10-2013
Name of the Supervisor: Prof P Srinivas
43 B. Anjaiah Kinetics and mechanism of some oxidation and bromination reactions using N-bromopthlimide 19-08-2015
44 K Prameela Kinetic of oxidation of glycine and glycine by some typical oxidation 4-09-2013
45 Sydulu 23-01-2014
Name of the Supervisor: Prof G Venkateswarulu
46 P. Kista Reddy   13-09-2011
47 K Srihari Babu   23-02-2012
48 M. Chennaiah   11-04-2012
49 M Seethamma   01-11-2013
50 K Damodar Reddy   01-11-2013
51 B Sailaja   11.07.2016
52 M Sashikala   21.09.2016
Name of the Supervisor: Prof G Prabhakar Reddy
53 Seeta Ramesh Design synthesis and biological evolution of 1,1(methyl (2-hydroxy-5,1-phenylene) diethanone based bis and mixed heterocyclics. 03-01-2017
54 G Vanajatha Synthesis of novel pyridine [2,I,C][1,4] benzodiazepine ring system and green chemistry approaches of privileged heterocyclic rign system 24-06-2017
Name of the Supervisor: Prof Ch Krishna Reddy
55 M Yogeshwar Reddy Determination and qualification fo genotoxic substances in active pharmaceutical ingrediants using mass spectrometric methods 13-09-2012
56 N Srinivasa Rao   02-02-2015
57 L Madhava Reddy   04-07-2017
Name of the Supervisor: Prof V Uma
58 Ms M Vasavi Design of new chemical entities for novel therapeutic targets of Mycobacterium tuberculosis – A computational approach 16-02-2012
59 R Vishwanath Design of new chemical entities as potential drug candidates – ubiquitin conjugating enzymes as novel cancer targets – an in silico study 16-01-2017
60 A Haredi A Ahmed Application of molecular modelling technique- identification of novel leads as potential inhibitors for RAB family proteins 02-03-2017
61 M Tirupathi Application of computational techniques for design of new ligand molecules against CXC Chemokines for cancer. 29.07.2017
Name of the Supervisor: Prof G Veerabhadram
62 A.Madhusudhan Design, Development and Characterization of Some Novel Drug Delivery Systems   2013
63 M. Venkatesham Green synthesis, characterization, biological and catalytical studies of silver nano-particles.   2014
64 G. Bhagavanth Reddy Synthesis, characterization and applications of gold nanoparticles 2016
65 Dasari Ayodhya Design, synthesis, characterization of some metal sulphide nanoparticles-Structural, optical, electrical, fluorescence, photocatalytic and antimicrobial studies 03-09-2016
66 Mulagiri Sharath Babu Glycerol to value added products over solid catalysts 14-03-2017
Name of the Supervisor: Prof M Vithal
67 Vijaya Kumar Bhukya Synthesis and Spectral Characterization of Pyrochlore (A2B2O7) Type Compounds  02-12-2006 to 13-07-2011
68 Radha Velchuri Metathesis synthesis and spectral characterization of borates and phosphates  (27-03-2008 to 01-12-2012)
69 Rama Devi M. Preparation, Characterization and Spectral studies of Pyrochlores and Tungstates  24-11-2006 to 16-08-2013
70 Suresh Palla Enhancement of visible light Photoactivity of Phosphates by doping with anion/cation for Environemntal Applications  22-10-2010 to 22-06-2015
71 Ramakrishna Singuru Synthesis, Characterization, Photocatalytic Studies of cation, Anion Doped Titanates and Molybdates  30-10-2010 to 15-07-2015
72 Gundeboina Ravi Preparation, Characterization and Photocatalytic Studies of defect Pyrochlore Type Oxides of Composition AB0.33B'1.67O6  28-02-2011 to 05-11-2015
73 Raju J Synthesis, Characterization and Enhancement of Photoactivity of AB2O6 Type oxides  (30-01-2013 to 15-12-2015)
74 Naveen Kumar Veldurthi An Investigation of Strategies to develop Visible Light active Semiconductor Photcatalysts for Environmental Remediation  (02-02-20013 to 27-06-2016)
75 CH.Sudhakar Reddy Facile ion-exchange synthesis of metal/non-metal ions doped phosphate materials: Photocatalytic studies  13-02-2013 to  17-09-2016
76 M. Kotesh Kumar Development of photocatalysts for
H2O splitting under solar light
irradiation:Synthesis, characterization and evaluation
for H2 production
Dr. A. Venugopal CSIR-IICT Hyderabad and Dr. M. vithal
77 Kuncham Kuntaiah Synthesis, characterization, and Evaluation of cerium oxide and related metal oxide based solid solutions useful for catalysis Dr. B. Mahipal Reddy CSIR-IICT Hyderabad and Dr. M. Vithal, O.U. (2010-2016)
78 Ravinder Guje Synthesis, Characterization, Photocatalytic  activity and Conductivity studies of Tellurium containing AB2O6 type oxides  (06-02-2013 to 01-05-2017)
Name of the Supervisor: Prof M Devadas
79 Valmiki Studies on mixed ligand complexes of metal ions with substituted Acetylacetone, Pyridines in solution and solid state 02-12-2015
Name of the Supervisor: Prof Ch Sarala Devi
79 A.Padmaja Interaction of Metal Ions with (E)-N1-[2-Oxoindoline-3Ylidene]Benzohydrazides; Their Spectro-Analytical Studies. 18-03-2013
80 A.V. Aparna Physico-Chemical Studies on the Derivatives of Methylidene Acetohydrazide and Their Metal Complexes. 30-12-2013
81 Mamtha Padithem Physico- Chemical and Biological Activity Studies on phenyl Sulfonyl Hydrazones, 2, 3-Disubstitutes Quinazolinone Derivatives and their Metal Complexes an Experimental and Computational Approach. 2014
82 B. Aparna Spectro-Analytical and Biological Studies of the Benzothiazoline derivatives and their binary and ternary metal complexes: An Experimental and Computational approach”. 09-08-2016
83 Ranjith Reddy Palreddy "Spectro-Analytical, Biological Activity, DNA Cleavage and Computational Studies of Tetrazole Imine Bases, Furo [3, 2-b] Pyridine Carbo Hydrazide and their Cu (II),
Ni (II) and Co (II) Metal Complexes ".
84 Jaheer Mohmed Synthesis, Spectro-Analytical Aspects and Biological Studies of Novel 2-Amino Benzothiazole, 2,3-Disubstituted Quinazolinone Derivatives and Their Metal Complexes. AN Experimental and Computational Approach 21-11-2016
85 K.Eshwari Physico-Chemical and Biological Studies of Pyridoxal hydrazones and their Metal Complexes; Experimental and Computational Approach. 27-12-2016
86 Mudavath Ravi Physicochemical and Bioanalytical Studies on Metal  Complexes of 2-Amino-6-Methoxybenzothiazole and 2-Aminophenol Derivatives; Experimental and Computational Approach 25-01-2017
Name of the Supervisor: Prof Shivaraj
87 Ms.N.Vijayakumari Studies on the Synthetic and Structural Aspects of Tetrahydro Benzocycloheptenones and Tetrahydro Benzazepinones 06-09-2011
88 M Sarasija Microwave Assisted Synthesis of some Novel Heterocyclic Compounds and their Biological Activity 01-10-2012
89 Mr. Pradeep Rajput Synthesis of Benzosuberones 1H-Benzapinones and Development of Novel Methodologies using Heterogeneous Catalysis ?-10-2103
90 C Vijay Kumar Studies on Structural Determination and Biological Activity of Copper (II) complexes of 3,4-Dimethyl-5-Amino Isoxazole Schiff Bases and Hetero Cyclic compounds. 22-04-2015
91 K Satish Kumar Synthesis, Structural Characterization and Biological Activity Studies on Binary and Ternary Metal complexes of Different Schiff Bases 28-12-2015
92 M Pradeep Kumar Synthesis, Structural Characterization DNA Interactions and Biological Studies of Copper(II) Binary complexes Derived with 4-amino 3,5-Dimethyl Isoxazole Schiff Bases 15-12-2016
Name of the Supervisor: Prof D Ashok
93 K. Sudershan Microwave assisted synthesis of chalcones and their novel biodynamic heterocyclic compounds 2011
94 D. Shravani Microwave assisted synthesis of some novel heterocyclic compounds and their antimicrobial activity 2011
95 K. Arvind Synthesis of biodynamic heterocycles under microwave irradiation and their biological activity 2012
96 A. Ganesh Design and synthesis of biodynamic heterocycles using green chemistry techniques and evaluation of their biological activity 20-07-2015
97 S. Ravi Design, synthesis and biological screening of some novel carbazole derivatives 2015
98 B. Vijaya Lakshmi Design, synthesis, characterization of novel coumarin based heterocyclic compounds and evaluation of their antimicrobial activity 2015
99 V. Hanumantha Rao Synthesis of quinoline based heterocycles and their antimicrobial activity 16-11-2015
100 D. Mohan Gandhi Studies on synthesis of chroman and pyrazole fused herterocycles of biological interest and defelopment of new synthetic methodologies 2016
101 Gundu Srinivas Studies on synthesis aof indole, quinoline and coumann based 1,2,3-triazoles and their biological evaluation 16-01-2016
102 K. Padmavathi Microwave assisted synthesis of novel heterocyclic compounds and evaluation of their anticancer activity 2016
103 A. Vikas Kumar Synthesis, biological evaluation and molecular docking of diverse heterocyclic library consisting macrocycles, bis spirochromanones and amono acid hybrids 05-08-2016
104 R. Kavitha A study on synthesis of chromene and 1,2,3-triazole based heterocyclic library and their biological evaluation 24-03-2017
105 B. Vanaja Design, synthesis, characterization and anticancer activity of novel heterocyclic compounds. 18-03-2017
Name of the Supervisor: Prof P Yadagiri Swamy
106 M Ravi Kumar  Method development and validation of chiral pharmaceutical compounds by chromatographic techniques  23-11-2016
Name of the Supervisor: Prof B Sathyanarayana
107 G. Vijayacharan   09-09-2014
108 T Jagadeesh Physico chemical studies of biologically active binary and ternary metal(II) ion complexes of Schiff bases 14-12-2016
109 P Vasudev Identification, isolation and structure confirmation of forced degradation products of selected drugs 06-06-2017
Name of the Supervisor: Prof Ch Prasada Rao
110 V Naveen Reddy   25-02-2014
Name of the Supervisor: Prof P Veera Somaiah
111 Mr Rajagopal P Alternative approaches for the synthesis of Benzofuran derivatives, A key starting material for Dronedarone hydrochloride and covering impurity profile of Milnacipran and salmeterol Xinafoate 26-07-2013
112 Ms. Mucherla Raga Sudha Chemical synthesis, Characterisation, Electrical and Magnetic properties of Mg-Cr and Co-Cr Nano Ferrites 22-03-2014
113 Ms. Yadagiri Jyothi Cheap and ecofriendly marble waste catalysed organic transformations. 08-11-2016
114 Mr. Venkateshan Noothy Synthesis, Characterisation and kinetic studies of certain V(V) Mediated Substitution Reactions 06-05-2017
115 Mr. Sunkara Prasad Li, Al,Fe,Zn and ZrO2 based green catalysts for Organic Transformations 26-07-2017
Name of the Supervisor: Prof T Parthasarathy
116 Ashok kumar Baswa “Lead Optimization And Ligand Fit Studies Of Bio-Active Azole Compounds By Molecular Modeling Techniques”. 5-12-2011
117 N. Rameshwar “Synthesis, Biological Activity And Molecular Modeling Studies Of A Few Nitrogen Containing Heterocycles”. 2011
118 A. Jagan Mohan Reddy “Pharmacological Evolution And Lead Optimization For Selective Protein Targets By Molecular Modeling Techniques” 19-11-2012
119 K.Ravindra Chary “Interactive Drug Design: Using Semiempirical Qsar And Docking Techniques Of Selected Protein Targets” 07-12-2012
120 V. Shanti “Bioassay, Qsar And Docking Studies Of Different Novel   Bioactive Compounds” 15-03-2013
121 M. Ramesh “Novel In Vitro Spectrophotometric Anti-Oxidant Bioassay And Computational Study Of Select Aromatic Compounds” 2014
122 Ch. Radhakrishna “Synthesis Of Bioactive Heterocyclic Molecules Using Pass As Catalyst And Molecular Modeling Studies” 20-07-2015
123 K. Satish Reddy “Synthesis, Spectral Characterization, Antibacterial Activity And Molecular Modeling Studies Of Nitrogen And Oxygen Containing Some Heterocyclic Compounds”. 2015
124 V. Srimai “Copmuter Aided Drug Design: Lead Optimization Of Resorcinols, Quinolines And Tetrahydroimidazo Pyridines On A Selected Set Of Protein Targets 20-12-2016
125 V. Srinivasa Rao “Synthesis, Spectral Charectrization, Bioassay And Molecular Modeling Studies Of Some Novel Heterocyclic Compounds As Targeted Antimicrobial And Anticancer Agents” 21-02-2017
126 K. Shirish kumar “Synthesis, Spectrophotometric Studies And Spectral Characterization Of Ct-Complexes Of Bio Active Molecules With Iodine”. 01-03-2017
Name of the Supervisor: Prof P V Rao
127 Ms Jyothi Vantikommu   19-09-2011
128 K Ashwini   10-11-2016
Name of the Supervisor: Prof P Leelavathi
129 S. Ramesh Kumar Title of the Thesis: Study of methodologies towards eco-friendly organic Synthesis 22-06-2013
130 Y. Venkateswarlu Diversity oriented synthesis by developing novel Methodologies Dec., 2014
Name of the Supervisor: Prof M Vijjulatha
131 Mr. S. Sree Kanth Design and synthesis of highly potent molecules for inhibition of AIDS 8-10-2012
  Ms. L. Yamini  Computer Aided Drug Design and Synthesis of DHFR Inhibitors July, 2013
132 Ms. K. Meena Kumari Computational Design, Synthesis and Activity studies of DNA Synthesis and Unzipping Inhibitors Dec. 2014
133 B.Saikrishna In Silico Drug Design and Synthesis of Potential Novel Antimalarial Agents 28-10- 2016
134 Mr. Mohan babu Jatavath Design of inhibitors for cognitive disorder using computational studies 28-10-2016
135 Ms. Sabiha Fathima Computational Design and Synthesis of Poly (ADP-Ribose) polymerase-1 (PARP-1) Inhibitors. 19-12-2016
Name of the Supervisor: Prof AKD Bhavani
136 Shankaraiah Pagilla  Synthesis of quinazolin-4(3H)-one based  Derivatives using coupling, multicomponent ,dipolar cycloaddtion reactions and their biological evaluation studies. 13.02.2017
Name of the Supervisor: Dr NJP Subhashini
137 Jampaiah Synthesis and biological activities of novel chalcones, Heterocyclic compounds and Schiff bases 22-06-2015
138 Janaki Palla Synthesis and microbial Evaluation of Novel Benzofurans, 4-Azaindole based Heterocyclic compounds and Chalcones April 2017
139 Anitha Sadula Design, Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Novel Heterocyclic derivatives of Imidazolones April 2017
Name of the Supervisor: Dr TVD Prasad Rao
140 Mustaq Hussain   10-04-2015
Name of the Supervisor: Prof A Panasa Reddy
141 K Uma Maheshwar Reddy Synthesis of Seco-phenanthroindolizidine alkaloids and Bulbophyllol-B : Development of Novel    methodologies. 17-02-2014
142 B Sudhakar Reddy Development of facile synthetic methods for pharmaceutically active compounds and related substances. 16-09-2014
143 B Ravinder Development of new synthetic methodologies and their applications in the synthesis of active pharmaceutical   ingredients  30-03-2015
Name of the Supervisor: Dr Y Jaya Prakash Rao
144 C Venu Synthesis and biological activity of novel oxa unsaturated carbocycle annulated coumarins by ring closing metathesis and Diazepines from 4- hydroxy coumarins 19-07-2013
   Thirupathi Gogula Synthesis and biological evaluation of novel heterocyclic ring fused flavones and semi synthetic derivatives of  Daidzein. 31-01-2013
Awarded in 2017
  Erukala yadaiah goud Synthesis and biological evaluation of novel heterocyclic ring pendant/ annulated coumarins 18-03-2011
Awarded in 2017
Name of the Supervisor: Dr P V Anantha Laxmi
145 N Kavitha Synthesis and characterization of Co(II), Ni(II), Cu(II) and Zn(II) complexes derived from hydrazino benzoxazines. 20-12-2014
Name of the Supervisor: Dr P Jalapathi
146 Anil Valeru   08-04-2015
147 A Kishore Kumar   28-03-2017
Name of the Supervisor: Prof A Ravindranath
148 G Ravi   20-04-2015
Name of the Supervisor: Dr T R Baggi
149 Mohd. Idris   26-02-2013