Courses Offered
S.No Programme of study Starting year
1 Ph.D Program( 3-5 Years along with 1 year course work)
(Research areas: Organic Synthesis, Synthetic Methodologies, Natural Products chemistry, Material chemistry, nanometerials, Bioinorganic chemistry, DNA binding studies, Molecular modelling).
2 Post-Graduate courses 2 years
M.Sc. Chemistry (Organic, Inorganic and Physical)Intake of Students/Year Each 24 (72 per Year)
M.Sc. Forensic Science (Intake of Students 30 per Year) *M.Sc. Syllabus (CBCS) has been revised in June, 2016 2000
3 Graduate courses( 3 Years)
Initially B.Sc. was established in 1918, later with time B.Sc. syllabus is framed by university and implemented in various constituent and affiliated degree colleges. *B.Sc. syllabus(CBCS) has been revised in June, 2015