Objectives of Alumni

Objectives of Alumni

  • To Create a broad network of former students with the Departmental Liaison Committee.
  • To enable current and future students to interact with the OUCAA Committee on academic, professional, extra-mural and any other appropriate areas of interaction.
  • To involve former students present in the field of academics across the nation/world in Faculty and Student Development Program by channeling state of the art knowledge bases.
  • To encourage former students visit to the department to address students on their experiences or in special fields of work in which they are involved.
  • To involve former students in fund raising for restoration of departmental heritage by identifying suitable requirements.
  • To associate alumni in improving college infrastructure such as class rooms; laboratories; library; and related infrastructure facilities.

To Popularize brand “ Chemistry Department, OU”

The Alumni Association (OUCAA) with Reg.No. 5/2009 is formed in the year 2009 by its Founder President Prof. K. Veera Reddy. The Alumni Association activities are in the areas of infrastructural developments, arranging endowments lectures, Institutions of (3) Gold Medals to encourage students in the academics.

The Major Contributions Received from NRI Alumni and Others

Dr Usha Raju and Dr U G Krishnam Raju $ 50,000
Dr Pramod and Anuradha Arora $ 20,000
Dr G V M Sharma(IICT) Rs. 1 Lakh
Prof. C V Chalapathi Rao Rs 0.50 Lakh
Shri G Shashikanth Rs 1 Lakh

Association has sponsored to renovate Lecture Hall No. I into A/c. Conference Hall, established a Computer Lab in the Department

List of Gold Medals

1 Prof. Kasireddy Kondal Reddy Gold Medal I rank in M.Sc. (Organic Chemistry)
2 Prof. C.V. Ratnam Gold Medal I rank in M.Sc. (Organic Chemistry)
3 Prof. M.M. Taqui Khan and Badar Taqui Khan Gold Medal I rank in M.Sc. (Inorganic Chemistry)
4 Bhaskar Reddy Avula Gold Medal I rank in M.Sc. (Physical Organic Chemistry)
5 Jyothi and Venepalli Bhasker Rao ( 1975 M.Sc.) Gold Medal I rank in M.Sc. (Organic Chemistry)
6 Dr. Pramod and Mrs. Anuradha Arora Gold Medal I rank in M.Sc. (Inorganic Chemistry)

*For Any Queries Contact Examination Branch, Osmania University , Hyderabad.

Alumni Dr Padmanabha Reddy Presentation on Automotive Emission in Sept 2017


Osmania University Chemistry Alumni Association Committee

Chief Patron Prof S Ramachandram
President Prof Devdas Manwal
Vice President To be nominated
Honorary secretary Prof P Veera Somaiah
Joint Secretary To be Nominated
Treasurer To be Nominated
Executive council To be Nominated


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April 24
Distinguished Alumni

Dept of Chemistry, Osmania University

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