Head of the Department

Prof.Basude Manohar

Head of the Department

History presents before us exploration of the magnificent and majestic nature by inquisitive minds with single most thought of knowing something beyond known and unknown. Those explorations starting with a thought wave of one great personality followed up with perseverance and discussed among a conglomeration of similar minds to the deepest level possible. The outcome of such explorations could be one of an astounding innovation for the betterment of mankind. It is reflected in every single advancement we experience or witness today. I place my deepest admiration and appreciation to all the distinguished luminaries for their lasting innovations and contributions that made positive impact in building the department. I look forward towards the younger generation to share and discuss their thoughts and findings in the field of Chemistry and to make a name for themselves, in this sprawling lawns of nature. I am looking for an enriching experience for all faculty, students to have thought provoking discussions and deliberations both on research and application among the scientific fraternity from research, industry and academics. Nothing can be more fulfilling than coming out with few implementable solutions for the betterment of the general public at large. Every great solution has a small beginning; I wish some would take beginning here in the lap of this department.

Prof.Basude Manohar


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