Department of Physics

Department of Physics


SEM with EDAX:

The Carl Zeiass SEM with the Oxford EDAX attachment available in the Department is highly useful for the surface analyses and estimation of chemical composition of materials and thin films. Since most of the research groups working in the department of physics are actively involved in the characterization of different materials, the micro structural and elemental analysis are essential in the development of materials for their device application.

UV-VIS-NIR spectrophotometer:

The study of optical absorption of materials in wide wavelength and temperature range is important in spectroscopic characterization of materials. The color characteristics, energy band evaluation, refractive index are determined using this instrument

DSC/DTA/DTG system:

DSC/DTA/DTG system is used to understand the formation of phases and transitions in the various materials synthesized. This instrument is used for characterization of glasses, ferrolelctric and ferromagnetic and spintronic materials synthesized.

Thin film coating systems:

The department has RF sputtering system and spin coating units. The oxide and high melting point oxide materials can be coated using RF sputtering system. The polymer and semiconductor materials can be coated using spin coating unit

Impedance analyzer:

This instrument is used for studying dieletric and impedance variation of a material with temperature, composition and frequency. The AC conducting nature of the materials is studied using the instrument

Seminar Library

The Department is enriched with a seminar library with more than 20000 books acquired over decades of the existence of the department. These books meet the intellectual needs of the students. Some of these books are rare monographs. Periodical are also available for use by the researchers and scholars.

Research at Department of Physics, Osmania University

The thrust area of Osmania University UGC UPE focused area of research is Materials Science and Social relevance and Department of Physics Osmania University is one of the nodal departments.

The thrust area of UGC SAP of Department of Physics Osmania University is Multi- functional materials.

The Department of Physics is engaged in materials research for more than eight decades. Many exponents of materials research have shown the path of research at the Department of Physics, Osmania University

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