Organisational Structure

Organisational Structure

The University College of Science is headed by the Principal, supported by two Vice-Principals for day-to-day administration of the college. The office of the Principal is responsible for general administration, looking after the student’s affairs, direction and implementation of academic and other developmental programmes. Vice Principal (General), Vice Principal (Hostels), two Assistant Registrar, one Superintendents and many other office staff assist the Principal.

Every department is managed by a Head, who is responsible for both the administrative and academic functioning of the department. Each department has a Chairperson, Board of Studies, who would look after the curricula, valuation and other related academic aspects.

The Dean, Faculty of Science coordinates the Ph. D. programmes and other related academic and research activities.

At present, the UCS has 135 permanent teaching faculty members supported by over 200 technical and non-teaching staff spread over Principal’s Office, 14 departments and Four Self-financing Programmes.

The University College of Science imparts education for Post Graduates through semester system in various Masters programmes in Science, and conducts research in all these areas of science. Majority of the departments are housed in separate buildings and are equipped with hi-tech and state-of-the-art equipment facilities. The academic programmes and curricula of the Science faculty are periodically revised, restructured and updated to keep pace with the latest international standards for present as well as future needs. From the academic year 2009-2010, all PG programmes offered are under the choice based credit system (CBCS) with interdisciplinary and add-on courses.

Heads and Chairpersons (Board of Studies)

Regular Courses

S.No. Department Head Chairperson
1 Applied Geochemistry Prof. Praveen Raj Saxena Prof. Praveen Raj Saxena
2 Astronomy Dr. D. Shanti Priya Dr. K. Chenna Reddy
3 Biochemistry Prof. S. Satyanarayana Singh Prof. Ch. V. Ramana Devi
4 Botany Prof. H. Ramakrishna Prof. Nirmala Babu Rao
5 Chemistry Prof. M. Devadas Prof. M. Vithal
6 Genetics Prof. A. Roja Rani --
7 Geology Prof. A. Narsing Rao Prof. M. Srinivas
8 Geography Prof. A. V. Sashikala Prof. C. Venugopal Rao
9 Geophysics Dr. B. Veeraiah Dr. B. Veeraiah
10 Mathematics Prof. J. Anand Rao Prof. M. V. Ramana Murthy
11 Microbiology Dr. P. Acharya Nagarjun Dr. B. Bheema
12 Physics Prof. J. Shiva Kumar Prof. C. Vishnuvardhan Reddy
13 Statistics Dr. C. Jayalakshmi Prof. V. V. Hara Gopal
14 Zoology Prof. K. Pratap Reddy Prof. V. Vanitha Das

Coordinators and Chairpersons (Board of Studies)

Self-Financing Courses

S.No. Department Coordinator Chairperson, BoS
1 Biotechnology Prof. A. Roja Rani Prof. H. Surekha Rani
2 Computer Science Dr. M. Chenna Krishna Reddy Dr. C. Govardhan
3 Environmental Science Dr. S. Karnakar Reddy --
4 Forensic Science Prof. P. Leelavathi Prof. Abraham Lincoln

Student Advisors, Lady Counsellors

and Placement Coordinators

Regular & Self-financing Courses

S.No. Department Student Advisor Lady Counsellor Placement Coordinator
1 Applied Geochemistry Dr. B. Sirinivas -- Dr. B. Sirinivas
2 Astronomy Dr. D. Shanti Priya Dr. J. Rukmini Dr. K. Sriram
3 Biochemistry Dr. R. Karuna Dr. B. Manjula Dr. Raju Padiya
4 Biotechnology Dr. Singham Prashant Dr. K. Chaitri Dr. S. Someshwar Rao
5 Botany Dr. S. Karnakar Reddy Dr. E. Sujatha Dr. P. Kamlakar
6 Chemistry Prof. D. Ashok Prof. P. Leelavathi --
7 Computer Science Dr. B. Krsihna Reddy Dr. G. Kamala Dr. J. Anand Rao
8 Environmental Science Dr. S. Azeem Unnisa Dr. Shashikala Dr. S. Azeem Unnisa
9 Forensic Science Ms. K. Rama Ms. T. Sowmya Ms. T. Sowmya
10 Genetics Dr. H. Surekha Rani Dr. Smitha C. Pawar Dr. S. Someshwar Rao
11 Geology Prof. M. Srinivas -- Prof. A. Narsing Rao
12 Geography &Amp; Geoinformatics Dr. B. Srinagesh Dr. B. Anuradha Dr. Md. Akhter Ali
13 Geophysics Dr. Ram Raj Mathur Dr. G. Udaya Laxmi Dr. G. Udaya Laxmi
14 Mathematics Dr. M. Chenna Krishna Reddy Dr. G. Kamala Dr. C. Govardhan
15 Microbiology Dr. B. Sandeepta Dr. Hameeda Bee Dr. P. Acharya Nagarjuna
16 Physics Dr. R. Sandhya Dr. K. Kirana Dr. C. P. Vardhini
17 Statistics Dr. K. Vani Dr. G. Jayashree Dr. S. A. Jyothi Rani
18 Zoology Dr. C. Srinivasulu Prof. V. Vanitha Das Dr. G. Sunitha Devi