Department of Physical Education Science

Department of Physical Education

Laboratories and Equipment

Well-equipped laboratories for teaching and research is available in the department with the following equipment:

  1. Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer (AA400)
  2. Research Microscope (Leitz Make)
  3. Flame photometer
  4. Spectrophotometer
  5. Nephlometer
  6. Ion Selective Analyser
  7. DO meter
  8. X-Ray Diffraction with Gunier camera facility
  9. Gamma - Ray Spectrometer
  10. Ultra-violet lamps
  11. Sample preparation Unit (Disc mill, Jaw crusher, Sieve shaker) Rock cutting and polishing machines
  12. Quartz Distillation Unit

Remote Sensing and GIS Lab

A fully fledged Remote sensing lab, having the facility of visual interpretation along with digital interpretation has been added. For this purpose Arc GIS-10 is loaded into the workstation having nine clients. This facility is helping the M.Sc. students for their practical classes and for the Research Scholars the facility is of immense help for their research work.

Computer Lab

Computing laboratory with networking and internet facilities is available for students, research scholars anf faculty members alike.

Seminar Library


A well-furnished Seminar Library is also available for students, research scholars anf faculty members alike.

Other Facilities

Calssroom Laboratory

Well-furnished classrooms and laboratories including a wet chemical laboratory are avaialble in the Department. Besides these the department also has -

  1. Field and Survey equipment
  2. Microscopy laboratory
  3. Fluid inclusion laboratory with Heating and Freezing Stage
  4. and
  5. Minerals, Rocks, and ore specimen museum