Environmental Science

Department of Environmental Science

Department of Environmental Science

About the Department:

Protection of Environment is a challenge task even in because of various natural and anthropogenic activity drastically destructing our biosphere which is threatening the survival of mankind on this planet. The pollutants are being either residue in food products as heavy metal and pesticide which are causing mutagenic effects not only in humans but also in life forms leading to cracks in DNA. Therefore protection of life form and producing quality and hygienic food products are on one hand and the protection of water and air on another hand are most essential.

The subject of Environmental Science is started very early which is still in childhood, it has to be the most essential subject to protect this globe in all aspects. Therefore, the subject must be introduced with full-fledged department at University and College levels then only it is possible to repair and protect the globe by an individual. Further, with fullfledge research facilities at university level is a compulsory task to be targeted otherwise the reverse effects will sweep out the right survival of life form on the planet.

The need to be conscious of the importance of understanding and looking after the environment has probably never been greater. Environmental Science will give the knowledge and skills to work toward this. A Master's Programme in Environmental Science was started in the year 1996. At present, it is being run under the nodal Department of Botany on self-finance mode. Over the past decade, the candidates passed from this course were placed well in different organizations. The course is of immense potential in the present scenario and is catering to the requirement of manpower in several R&D and Non- Governmental Organizations. Guest Faculty from various departments of the University and other institutions viz., Applied Geochemistry, Zoology, Botany , Chemistry, JNTU, NRSA, NEERI, IICT, NIN.


M. Sc. Environmental Science 2 Years 30 Seats
Ph.D. Environmental Science 4 Years