Department of Chemistry

Department of Chemistry


Over the years under SAP, COSIST AND DST(FIST) projects, the following equipment and infrastructure facilities have been acquired: Flash photolysis equipment, FT-IR spectrophotometer, UV-VIS spectrophotometer, HPLC, MPLC, 90 MHz-JEOL NMR Instrument, CAHN-Farady magnetic balance, Digital polarograph, Centralized computer lab with internet connectivity. Under DST-FIST and UGC-SAP-DRS programs the following equipment have been procured recently and are in the process of installation. UV-Vis-NIR, FTY-IR, Rotary evaporators, Table top powder XRD and HPLC. One more Computer lab with 35 computers has been established with DST-FIST funds. These facilities are utilized by faculty and research scholars from other colleges and one centralized research laboratory has been developed with facilities to cater to the needs of research scholars from the constituent colleges. The seminar library has been upgraded with text books, reference books and monographs on current topics in Chemistry. During the last one year 300 books were purchased and 9 research journals were subscribed for the seminar library. All the five lecture halls have been upgraded with LCD projectors. The department has been actively engaged in conducting orientation and refresher courses in Chemistry for degree college teachers under the auspices of Academic staff college, OU. Regular workshops are planned to facilitate the PG teachers of affiliated colleges to acquaint themselves with the latest developments in Chemistry.


C,H,N Analyzer, Absorption & Emission spectrophotometers, IR & UV spectrophotometers, GLC, HPLC: thermo gravimetric balance, polarographs, FT 90 MHz NMR with dual probe and flash photolysis. Modern state of the art all the facilities are available in the department for carrying out research in the frontier areas of Chemistry. Equipped with two independent computer lab, Schrodinger software.


A good number of latest text and reference books acquired to cater the needs of students, research scholars and faculty.


Apart from the regular activities, the faculty of the Department is also involved in giving guest lectures , serving as selection committee members, governing body members, subject experts at different colleges of O. U and as resource persons for conducting conferences and workshops at different institutions. Many of the teachers are involved in the administration in various capacities thus helping the University to run smoothly. The department is preparing to get the status of Centre for Advanced Studies (CAS) and the steps are initiated in this direction. The Department is also submitted the proposal for the XII plan period.


All the students prepare for CSIR/UGC Net examination and many of them qualify for JRF. They join CSIR labs like IICT,Hyderabad, NCL, Pune, CIMAP, Lucknow etc. for Ph. D Degree. Many students prefer to join the Department for their Ph. D work. Some of the students join as lecturers in private educational institutions and some join in pharmaceutical companies. Overall more than 90% students get the placements.

Other Facilities

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