Department of Biotechnology

Department of Biotechnology


Laboratories with all the necessary equipment have been established. The laboratories of various life sciences departments are pressed into service for teaching practicals identified.


Adequate number of books and few Journals that cater to the needs of students for reference as well as for teaching all the 4 semesters have been acquired. Budgetary provision for the purchase of books has been made, and additional library facilities will be built in due course of time.


Adequate numbers of computers with Internet facility are currently available in the Department.


Various biotechnology industries dealing with health care and pharmaceuticals, chemical industries producing fine chemicals, agricultural and food industries dealing with transgenics, bread and wine making industries will employ biotechnology students. Besides, industries producing vaccines, antibiotics and diagnostics will be in a position to employ the students trained in the biotechnology course. Corporate hospitals and many research organizations may absorb the students completing Biotechnology. The students also will be eligible for the employment in Bioinformatics industries.