About Us | Vision & Mission



“To strive for excellence in the area of Commerce and Management education and focusing on technology management, Data Analysis and Artificial Intelligence conforming to challenging standards expected by contemporary technology- driven with human touch organizations”. To empower youth by integrating Commerce and Business Management Education with Emerging Business Areas.

  • To achieve excellence in Teaching and Research.
  • To generate, disseminate and preserve knowledge.
  • To meet the challenges of a complex and modern society through informed social outreach.
  • To empower through knowledge and information.
  • To develop a responsible and productive citizenry.
  • To develop, enhance and improve the quality of human resources.
  • To cultivate resolute moral and ethical values.
  • to meet contemporary regional and national needs and anticipate future social and economic development.
  • To preserve and promote cultural heritage, humanistic and spiritual values.
  • To bring out quality Research and Publications.
  • To provide 100% placements
  • To connect Alumni and to organize student Centric Programmes.
  • To develop entrepreneur skills.

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