Osmania University [Hyderabad , Andhra Pradesh, India]  






  1. E-LEARNING CENTRE: This facility is coming up in the central facility building, in an area of 1500 sq.ft and accommodates 100 students. The facility will be having all the modern electronic teaching gadgets such as electric white board, DVD player, LCD projector, lap top, audio system, wireless internet connectivity, video recording facility, satellite T.V, etc.

    Approximate cost of all these facilities including furniture, air conditioning  would be about Rs.30 lakhs and the center would be named after the donor. 

  2. COMPUTER LAB: This facility is going to come up in an area of 2000 Sft. and it is a general facility meant for all the students of the University and will be kept open for 24 hours.  The computer lab; consists of 2 servers, 100 nodes,  licensed software for all the systems, air conditioning of lab with  UPS provision, net working of the systems, printers, furniture etc.
  3. This project is likely to cost about Rs.50 lakhs and will also be named after the donor.

  4. AUDITORIUM: (200 seats capacity) this facility is coming up in an area of about 3000 sft. meant for meetings/conferences for the benefit of students .   The auditorium will be fully air conditioned and will be furnished with the latest audio system and other facilities needed for a modern and good auditorium. This facility is likely to cost about Rs.40 lakhs   and will be named after the donor.
  5. Central Instrumentation  Lab:   Due to lack of funds, many of the Science Departments   are  not in a position to procure  latest and sophisticated equipment due to high cost involved.  As a result, research scholars of these departments  University are  forced to go to central govt. research  Laboratories such as IICT, CCMB, NGRI, DMRL, DRDL etc.,  Now a days most of the these laboratories  are asking the scholars to pay the user charges, which are very costly and difficult to pay. Therefore, it is essential to procure all these essential and costly equipment, without which the quality of our research will be very much inferior.

    Under this scheme, if some body donates amounts starting from Rs. 40-50 Lakhs, suitable equipment can be purchased so that they can serve a large no. of Students. These instruments can be housed in the newly constructed building, the central facilities building.



  1. Institution of Endowment Chairs in the name of donor member.
    This scheme is meant for creating facility to promote teaching as well as research in contemporary fields such as pharmacy, information technology, chemical engineering, electronic engineering, civil engineering etc.

    Under this scheme, a Professor post will be created and the chair will be named after the donor. The scheme is likely to cost about Rs. 1.00 Crore and interest accrued will be utilized for paying salaries, contingent expenses needed for organizing the research and developmental work specified by the donor.

    Under the scheme, any number of chairs can be created in the fields interested by the donors.

  2. Alumni educational fund for paying scholarship to poor & meritorious P.G. students in the name of donor. Under this scheme, an amount of Rs 1.50 Lakhs donated by a donor will be deposited in the Bank and interest accrued will be paid as a scholarship to a  P.G. student  at the rate of Rs.10,000/- per annum.
  3. Institution of endowment lectures in the name of donor.
    Under this scheme, Alumni association organizes Endowment lecture series in the contemporary field to be selected by the donor. In this scheme, every year 2- or 3 prominent people selected either from within the country or from abroad, will deliver lectures.
  4. Support your department scheme in the name of donor for installing critical equipment.
    Many alumni are attached to their respective departments rather than the colleges from where they are graduated and these people on several occasions expressed their desire to fund some of the critical equipments, which the departments are not in a position to buy for want of finances. These equipments will be very much useful to the student community and will be named after the donors.
  5. Support your dept. to procure costly Journals.
    Many departments are not in a position to subscribe even the Indian Journals for want of sufficient funds. This is hampering the work of research scholars. Therefore, there is a need to support the departments for procuring atleast essential and important Journals. The alumni of the respective departments can fund for the acquisition of some of the Journals and the donor help will be suitable acknowledged. For this purpose, at least a minimum of Rs. 5.00 Lakhs is needed and the interest accrued will be utilized for subscribing some of the Journals.


To strengthen the existing infrastructural facilities in the University to be named after the donor such as Indoor games lounge, swimming pool, cricket turf, landscaping of the gardens etc;

Details of the funds to be denoted by the donors are:


Indoor games facility


 Rs. 50 lakhs.


Swimming pool


 Rs. 50 lakhs.


Cricket grounds


 Rs. 50 lakhs.



International Students Hostel, meant for International students is also available for funding. In this hostel, about 100 Rooms with all the modern amenities such as toilets, pantry for each room, kitchen / dining area / reading room with internet facility / indoor games etc., will be provided. The proposed facilities is likely to cost about Rs. 4 crores or 1 million USD and will also be named after the donor.