Establishment of College Development Council:


The University Grants Commission has accorded a towering priority to the development and improvement of the standards of the affiliated Private [Aided, the colleges other than the Government Colleges which receive aid out of the Andhra Pradesh State Government Funds , and Unaided] and Government.  The colleges within Osmania University area Hyderabad, Rangareddy, Mahabubnagar, Nalgonda, Medak and Nizamabad districts of the Telangana region in the State of Andhra Pradesh in accordance with the conditions prescribed and Constituent Colleges [The colleges located outside Osmania University Campus and established or maintained by Osmania University for providing courses in accordance with regulations prescribed by Statutes, Ordinances or Regulations] in view of the fact that a considerable number of the student population receive education through these institutions/colleges. Therefore, Osmania University has approved the establishment of the College Development Council.


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 (M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D)



College Development Council & Professor of History, Osmania University








Coordinating Officer

College Development Council &  Asst.Professor of Geography, Osmania University.





Functions of the College Development Council, Osmania University:


    1. The College Development Council would serve as an academic guide to the colleges.


    1. The Dean, College Development Council should visit the Colleges at least twice in a year to assess the problems.


    1. The Dean, CDC., should hold meetings with the College Principals in order to apprise the ways in which the CDC., O.U., can function effectively for the development of Colleges.  Function as policy making body in regard to proper planning and integrated development of Colleges.


    1. Conduct surveys by district with a view to prepare and maintain an up-to-date profile on each college under Osmania University, and making such information available to the UGC and other concerned bodies.


    1. Prepare a perspective plan for development and opening of new colleges to enable Osmania University and APSCHE to take lasting decisions on the planning and development of colleges.


    1. Keep close contact with the colleges with a view to help the colleges for proper utilization of grants and efficient implementation of UGC approved projects.


    1. Evaluate and assess the impact of UGC grants utilized by the affiliated Colleges for the implementation of various developmental projects.


    1. Obtain from the colleges and furnish to the Commission Utilization Certificate and completion documents in respect of UGC grants released/disbursed to colleges through Osmania University, and help in monitoring the UGC programmes implemented by the affiliated colleges.


    1. Review the inspection reports of the colleges and suggest remedies for the defects and irregularities reported.


    1. Prepare Annual Report of the functioning of the CDC during the year and submit the same to the University and the U.G.C.


    1. The C.D.C., may send periodic reports to the UGC about the impact of UGC programmes.


    1. Assist the affiliated colleges under the jurisdiction of Osmania University for inclusion under Sec.2[f] & 12[B] of the UGC Act, 1956.


    1. Coordinate with the University Grants Commission in conferring / for extension of autonomous status to the colleges under the jurisdiction of Osmania University.


    1. Assist Osmania University in constituting the Governing Bodies, Board of Studies and Academic Councils of Autonomous Colleges under the jurisdiction of Osmania University.


    1. Assist the colleges under the jurisdiction of Osmania University in getting financial assistance from the University Grants Commission under various schemes launched from time to time.


    1. Coordinate in the implementation of Faculty Improvement Programme [FIP] for the teachers working on permanent basis in the affiliated private/Government colleges [included under Section 2(f) & 12(B) of the University Grants Commission Act, 1956] under the jurisdiction of Osmania University.


    1. Coordinate with the Andhra Pradesh State Council of Higher Education for starting of new private unaided Degree Colleges, Under-Graduate, Post-Graduate and Diploma courses in the existing colleges under the jurisdiction of Osmania University.


    1. Perform such other functions as may be prescribed or as may be deemed necessary by Osmania University.


Thus the College Development Council, Osmania University functions as liaison between the affiliated, University constituent colleges under the jurisdiction of Osmania University, the University Grants Commission and Andhra Pradesh State Council of Higher Education [APSCHE].  It is a coordinating body between all these institutions for all round development of higher education at the University level.