ACAS (Advanced Centre for American Studies) is a UGC-funded research centre recently established at Osmania University Centre for International Programmes (OUCIP) to promote quality research in the field of American Studies.


To develop into a multi-disciplinary research and resources centre for a comprehensive and critical understanding of the United States of America.

  • To provide impetus for strengthening the study of and research in America-related subjects through multi-disciplinary approaches.
  • To monitor and analyze the course of theory, discourse, criticism and policy related to the life, society and politics in the US and their international ramification.
  • To promote international understanding through a networking of scholars and institutions engaged in the study of America.
  • To evolve as a Think Tank to provide policy inputs on various issues relating to India- US transactions.
About the Research
  • US Foreign Policy, US in World Affairs Indo-US Relations, Defence and Strategic Studies, Terrorism, American Society and Politics, Indian Diaspora in the US, Indo-US Cooperation in economic, technological and entrepreneurship management and Corporate Governance.
  • American Culture and Media; Comparative Literary Studies.
Academic Programmes
  • Providing support to Minor/ Major Research projects in American Studies.
  • Supporting research in American Studies through Pre-Doctoral and Post-Doctoral fellowships.
  • Visiting Scholar/ Scholar-in-Residence Programmes.
  • Research Methodology Workshops.
  • International Summer School in American Studies.
  • Refresher Course in American Studies (recognized by the UGC as equivalent to the Refresher Courses organized by Academic Staff Colleges in Indian universities).
  • P.G. Diploma/ Certificate Courses in American Studies.
  • Conferences, Workshops with a focus on American Studies.
  • Collaborative research projects. 
  • Publication of a peer-reviewed journal.

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