Located on the sprawling, more than two thousands acres picturesque Campus of the Osmania University and ensconced between a landscaped garden in front and a lake behind its back, the Osmania University Centre for International Programmes-OUCIP - is a perfect setting for an academic ashram-a sanctuary for scholars to read, write, and reflect.

The Centre is surrounded by many national and regional research Centres such as Indian Institute of Chemical Technology, Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology, National Institute for Nutrition, English and Foreign Languages University, Institute of Public Enterprise   and thus offers an unique opportunity for inter faculty interactions and interdisciplinary studies. Situated close to the bustling Tarnaka Market, it provides easy accessibility to shops, restaurants and other amenities of modern life. Thus the centre offers a perfect retrat for scholars to pursue their academic work.

Conceived primarily as the international face of the Osmania University, the OUCIP is housed in the building and facilities of the former American Studies Research Centre that was also known for some time as the Indo American Centre for International Studies and the Inter University Centre for International Studies.




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