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About Central Facilities for Research & Development

Guidelines are formulated and modalities are in place to run the Central Facilities for Research & Development an efficient manner for optimum utilization of facilities, viz., Scientific Laboratories equipped with expensive scientific equipments, e-class room, Scholars computation Lab and Auditorium, etc. CFRD is constructed with elegant look and provides corporate infrastructure and become the nerve centre for the eager learners and research community from all facilities. The University also considers CFRD, OU as a premier facility and provides required financial support to maintain the institute with high quality of service, security and discipline.

Entry into the Central Facilities is restricted and only registered users will be allowed to enter the building through biometric access system installed at the entrance door. The end users will have to enroll and register themselves through User Registration form available on the University website "www.osmania.ac.in" and after completion of registration the end-user will be issued a CF User ID and Biometric image of the end-user is captured to enter into the building to use the services of Central Facilities. CCTV cameras are installed at designated sensitive places to provide round the clock surveillance and to maintain discipline in the building for optimum utilization of the high end equipments and other facilities made available to the end users.

CFRD also houses the DBT instrumentaion lab and five student modular labs which are exclusivley meant for Biology Departments. The student modular lab users and DBT instrumentaion lab user are permitted to enter through Entrance Gate 2 on the left hand side of the CFRD building.