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Sir Ronald Ross Institute of Parasitology, Osmania University, Begumpet, is a historical place in the field of tropical medicine that accomplished the apex of awards. This is the place wherein Ronald Ross had toiled hard to demonstrate the mysterious Malaria transmission cycle in female Anopheles mosquito.

This is the place of pride for Hyderabadis that fetched the first ever Noble Prize in entire Asia in the year 1902 and second in a row. This institute can serves as a source of inspiration for many young minds, as in those days Ross could achieve this epoch making discovery with a single microscope.

We seek your generous support in strengthening this historic monument for future generations and also to draw the attention of scientific community and tourists from all over the world to popularize the home pride. At present this historic building needs to be rejuvenated by addition of few more inscriptions of Ross and his research antiques to keep up the flavor of Ross legacy for the benefit of scientific community and tourists from all over the world.

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