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04-03-2005 Member coordinator appointment/committee constitution
23-03-2005 Discuss the peer team report
31-03-2005 Prepare a status report on the report and circulate to the HoDs
15-04-2005 Sub-committee formed
21-04-2005 Pertain to the actions to be initiated on peer team report

Pertain to the actions to be initiated on peer team report

10 committees formed

05-07-2005 Sixth meeting
19-08-2005 Seventh meeting
23-08-2005 Eighth Meeting


  1. Consideration of the reports submitted by various committees.
  2. Proposal to organize IQAC Seminar.
  3. Review the progress of NAAC annual report.
  4. Evolve a schedule for preparation of RAR and data collection.

Any other matter with the permission of the chair.





  1. To consider the reports submitted by committees (1-10) constituted to look into the Peer Committee Recommendations.
  2. To chalk out the follow up action.
  3. To finalize the details of the seminar "Re-Accreditation and Institutional Preparation" scheduled for 21 June 2006.
  4. Data requirements for preparation of RAR.
  5. Any other matter with the permission of the chair.

The IQAC in its various meetings has analysed and discussed in detail the NACC Peer Committee Report. The Cell also deliberated on various aspects of quality sustenance, quality enhancement and the action to be initiated on the recommendations and observations of the Peer Team.




  1. Discussion of New Methodology and Grading adopted by NAAC with effect from 1st April 2007.

  2. Finalization of revised schedule for submission of self-study report for Reaccredidation.






  1. 3rd Cycle Accreditation Process - Status and Progress.

  2. Post Submission ratification of AQAR of 2012-13.

  3. Preparedness of University for NACC Peer Committee Visit.

  4. Overview of the measures taken for quality sustenance in the University.

  5. Review of the action taken on NAAC Peer Committee recommendations.

  6. Review of reforms initiated.

  7. Action taken report on the AQAR of the 2012-13.

  8. Approval of plan of action for 2014-15.

  9. Any other matter with the permission of the Chair.








  1. IQAC Meetings.

21-11-2016 Minutes of meeting of face-lift committee held on 21-11-2016
29-11-2016 Agenda

3 rd Cycle of Assessment and Accreditation with NAAC- Sensitisation of Stakeholders Minutes of the meeting.

06-12-2016 Steering Committee meeting of IQAC
23-12-2016 Minutes of the Meeting with Deans, Principals, Heads, Chairpersons BoS, Directors etc. held on 23-12-2016
04-01-2017 Minutes of the Meeting of Quality Advisory Committee for IQAC held on 04-01-2017
06-03-2017 Minutes of the Meeting of Steering Committee for the Preparation of SSR held on 06-03-2017
10-03-2017 Minutes of the Meeting of Quality Advisory Committee for IQAC held on 10-03-2017
20-06-2017 Minutes of Facelift Committee meeting held on 20.6.2017
03-07-2017 Minutes of NAAC Arts College
07-07-2017 Minutes of NAAC Engineering College
11-07-2017 Minutes of NAAC Law College
24-07-20017 A sensitization programme with executive members of OUTA, OU held on 24-07-2017
24-07-2017 A sensitization programme with the Executive Members of Gazetted Officers Association and 3 Service Associations of non-teaching, Technical & Employees Union, OU held on 24-07-2017.
25-07-2017 A sensitization programme with the Directors of Research Centres and Administrative Officers of different units of OU held on 25-07-2017
26-07-2017 A sensitization programme with the Principal, Deans, Head, Chairpersons of BOS of University College of Technology, OU held on 26-07-2017
28-07-2017 A sensitization programme with the Controller of Examinations, Director, Directorate of Admissions, Director, Directorate of Academic Audit, Dean, UGC and Development Affairs, Director, UFRO held on 28-07-2017.

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