Ragging is an offence under A.P. Prohibition of Ragging Act 1997, punishable by six months to seven years imprisonment. Abettors will also face similar punishment.

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Membership Details

  1. Your are eligible to become Life member of Alumni Association of  Osmania University if you have been a student at any of the  Colleges of Osmania University including the affiliated  colleges / institutions and the Centre for Distance Education for at  least  one year course of study or obtained a Degree /Diploma  through Private  study /External appearance.   
  2. Former / present faculty /staff members  in the colleges of Osmania University including the affiliating colleges / institutions are also eligible to become Life Members.   
  3. Any one interested in   the activities of Alumni Association and Osmania University is eligible for those a Patron  / Donor.
  4. Categories of Member ship and Fee ParticularsCategories of Member ship and Fee Particulars:


Life Member



For those in India

Rs. 500/-

Rs. 5,000/-

Rs. 10,000/-

For corporate Institutions
a) Endowment Members
b) Corporate Members

5.0 Lakhs
1.0 Lakh



For those in Abroad

US $ 50

US $ 50

US $ 1000


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