Ragging is an offence under A.P. Prohibition of Ragging Act 1997, punishable by six months to seven years imprisonment. Abettors will also face similar punishment.

General Administration
1 Principal Prof.SK.Mahmood
2 Vice-Principal Dr.M.Raghavendra Sharma
3 Vice-Principal ( Hostels ) Dr.T.Somaiah
4 Academic Advisor Dr. Ms. N.Lakshmi Bhavani
5 Academic Coordinator Dr.P.Sunitha Manjari
6 Coordinator, Career & Councelling Cell
7 Placement Officer Dr.Rama
8 Coordinator-Computer Science Dept Prof.SK.Mahmood
9 Hostel Warden (General) Dr.M.Ramesh
10 Hostel Warden ( Mess ) Mr.V.Venkateswarlu
11 NSS Incharges



12 Assistant Registrar Syed Wasif Uddin
13 Office Superintendent Mr.MD.Saleem
NCC Dr.M.Vasavi
Heads of the Department
Sno Department I/c. Head
1 Botany Dr.Rama
2 Chemistry Dr.P.Jalapathi
3 Geology Dr.G.Prabhakar
4 Mathematics Dr.V.Srinivas
5 Physics Dr.J.Laxman Naik
6 Zoology Dr.M.Radha Krishna
7 Languages Dr.Subhashini Singh Rajpuri
8 Statistics Dr.M.Raghavendra Sharma
9 Computer Science Mr.Raju Chityala
Co-ordinators of the courses
1 M. Sc. (Applied Maths) Dr.V.Srinivas
2 B.C.A., MCA. Prof.SK.Mahmood
3 B.Sc. & M.Sc.(Biotechnology) Dr.P.Chaya



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