Department of Chemistry

Department of Chemistry

About the Department:

The Department of Chemistry is one of the oldest and biggest departments in the Osmania University. This Department was started in the year 1918 with the B. Sc teaching and later M. Sc courses were added from 1928 onwards.

Since then the Department has grown phenomenally with time by introducing various specializations at M. Sc level and by contributing to research along with teaching. This is nodal department for six constituent colleges, one PG Centre at Mirzapur(Medak district), about 120 private and and Government affiliated colleges offering M. Sc chemistry and 50 degree colleges offering B. Sc courses. The specializations offered in the department at M. Sc level include Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry and Physical Chemistry. The present faculty strength in the department is 20 professors.

The faculty members are actively doing research in the frontier areas such as nanomaterials, natural products, bio-inorganic, material science and synthetic organic chemistry. The department has attracted funds form DST(1.82 crores under DST-Fist) and UGC (40 lakhs under DRS-SAP) and 67 lakhs under SAP-II. Faculty members also have individual major research projects from DST, CSIR and UGC, New Delhi


M. Sc. Chemistry 2 Years 68 Seats Specialization: Inorganic, Organic & Physcial
Ph. D. Chemistry 3 Years