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The Sanskrit Academy has 71 publications and one manuscript catalogue to its credit. There are nearly 4000 manuscripts in the catalogue. In the year 2002, the Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan, New Delhi, under the Ministry of H.R.D., recognized the Sanskrit Academy, Hyd., as Adarsh Shodh Sansthan. The Academy, which had limited staff earlier, is now working with a full-fledged staff aims at acquiring a separate M.S.S. wing for the purposes mentioned below:

  1. to collect manuscripts
  2. to publish rare Sanskrit books
  3. to seek copies of M.S. from various libraries
  4. and also, to collect the Sanskrit texts printed in Telugu Script some hundred years ago and Publish them in an order as required.

The Academy aims at purchasing the rare collections from the personal libraries of the renowned Sanskrit scholars and the manuscripts from the Sanskrit research institutions of the various parts of the country, which intend to sell them off. There are nearly lakhs of unpublished M.S. according to the sources from the NIM. The Academy proposes to acquire these M.S.S. and transform them into transliteration, soft copies and publish them. Being situated in the capital city of A.P. this Academy is of much use of the research scholars as well as seekers of Sanskrit knowledge.


Vedic Literature

Vedas and their Bhasyas 84
Brahmanas 54
Aranyakas 15
Upanisads 82
Sutras 20
Miscellaneous 34

Law and Rituals

Smrtis 65
Karmakanda 221
Miscellaneous 20


Ramayana 95
Purana 138
Kavya 124
Anthology 13
Stotras etc 261


Mimamsa 50
Vedanta 233
Sankhya 4
Yoga 5
Nyaya and Vaisesika 185
Miscellaneous 174


Dramas 21
Champu 13
Stotras 19

Technical Literature

Vyakarana 117
Chandashastra 11
Sahityashastra 37
Jyotisha 205
Kosa 59
Ayurveda 105
Miscellaneous 22


Miscellaneous 188