M.Sc. (Applied Electronics) - III  Semester Syllabus

w.e.f.  2013-2014 under CBCS and Non-CBCS  at the University, Constituent and Affiliated Colleges

(For the batch admitted from 2012-2013 onwards)

AE  -  301 T/CB and NC


Unit I Basic Boolean Functions

 Binary, Octal, Hexadecimal Numbers, Binary Codes and Logics;  Boolean Algebra, Basic Theorems and Functions, Canonical, Digital and Integrated Circuits;  Simplifications of Boolean Functions, Two to Six Variable Map Simplification, NAND and NOR Implementation, The Tabulation method, Determination and Selection of Prime Implicants.


                  Unit II Logic Design

Combinational Logic – Adders, Subtractors, Code Conversion, Multilevel NAND, NOR and Ex-OR functions; MSI and PLD Components – Decimal, Binary Adder and Subtractor, Comparators, Decoders, Encoders, Mux and De-Mux, ROM, PLA and PAL;GAL,CPLD and FPGA. Over view of Digital Integrated Circuits with all Logic Families –   TTL, ECL, MOS, CMOS.


Unit III Sequential Logics

Synchronous Sequential Logics –  FFs, Analysis, State Reduction and Assignment, FF Excitation Tables, Design Procedure and Design of Counters; Asynchronous Sequential Logics – Analysis, Circuits with Latches, Design Procedure, Reduction, Race-Free of State Assignments and Hazards.


         Unit IV  Counters and Algorithms

Registers, Shift Registers, Ripple and Synchronous Counters, Timing Sequences, RAM, Memory Decoding and Error-Correcting Codes; Algorithmic State Machines – ASM Charts, Timing and Control Implementation, Design with Muxs, PLA Control.        

Text Books:

1.   Digital Design   By – M. Morris Mano

2.   Switching theory & Logic design –By R.P.Jain TMH 2003       

3.   Digital System Principles & Applications   By – Ronald J. Tocci

Reference Books:

01. Computer Architecture and Logic Design  By – Thomas C. Bartee

02. Digital Principles & ApplicationsBy – A.P. Malvino and D.P. Leach

03. Digital Computer Design  By – V. Rajaraman & T. Radhakrishnan

04. Digital Electronics - An Introduction to Theory and Practice By – William H. Gothman

05. Digital Computer Electronics By – Malvino and Brown

06. Digital Integrated Circuits – A Design Perspective  By – Jan M. Rabae 

07. ICs & Microprocessors – Data Hand Book,BPB Publications, India 

08. Digital Logic and Microprocessors  By – FJ. Hill & GR. Peterson        

09. Digital Circuits and Microprocessors     By – Herbert Taub      

10. Switching and Finite Automata Theory  By – ZVI Kohavi

11. Digital Design – By John F wakerly