Dr. Surender Reddy

Dr. B. Surender Reddy

Associate Professor

Department of Mathematics, PG College of Science, OU

Saifabad, Hyderabad - 500004

Contact Addresses
Phone 9849586964
email bsrmathou@osmania.ac.in

Research Areas

Member of Professional Bodies

Publications: 30 (International 23; National 7)

Latest Publications:

  1. Surender Reddy.B(with Hemen Dutta):On Non-Standard n-norm on Some Sequence Spaces,International Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics,2010.(ISSSN 1311-8080).

2.Surender Reddy.B:The Riesz Theorem in Random n-Normed spaces,International Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics,2010(ISSN 1311-8080).

3.Surender Reddy.B(with Hemen Dutta):On Some Multiplier Difference Sequence Spaces Defined Over 2-Normed Linear Space,Transylvanian Journal of Mathematics and Mechanics,2(2010),No 1,7-14.

4.Surender Reddy.B(with Hemen Dutta):On Equivalence of n-Norms in n-Normed Spaces,Pacific Journal of Science and Technology,11(1) 2010,233-238(ISSN 1551-7624).

5.Surender Reddy.B(with Hemen Dutta):On a new type of double sequences of fuzzy numbers,Pacific Journal of Science and Technology,11(2) 2010,254-259(ISSN 1551-7624).

6.Surender Reddy.B:Equivalence of p-adic 2-norms in p-adic linear 2-normed Spaces,International Journal of Open Problems in Computer Science and Mathematics, Vol 3, no. 5, 2010 (ISSN 1998-6262).

7.Surender Reddy.B(With Hemen Dutta and S.S.Cheng):On Some Stronlgy Summable Sequences Defined Over Real n-Normed Spaces,Applied Mathematics E-notes 10(2010),199-209(ISSN 1607-2510).

8.Surender Reddy(with Hemen Dutta):On Banach Algebra of some matrix Classes,The Atlantic Electronic Journal of Mathematics(AEJM),France,2010.(Acadia University Wolfillle,Nova Scotia Cananda B4p 2R6).

9.Surender Reddy.B(with Iqbal H.Jebril and Hemen Dutta):Some contributions to the theory of Generalized Orlicz Sequences Space,Tamsui Oxford Journal of Information and Mathematical Sciences,Vol 27(1),Feb 2011.(ISSN 0258-5375).

10.Surender Reddy.B(with Hemen Dutta):A Note on Difference Sequences of fuzzy Numbers,The Journal of Fuzzy Mathematics,Vol 19,No.1,2011.

11.Surender Reddy.B(with Hemen Dutta):Computation of the Kothe-Toeplitz dual of some sets of sequences of fuzzy numbers,New Mathematics and Natural Computation,Vol.7,No.1,March 2011,1-8(World Scientific Publishing Company)  (ISSN-1793-7027,1793-0057).

12.Surender Reddy.B(with Hemen Dutta):Some difference paranormed statistically convergent sequence spaces defined over real 2-normed spaces,Southeast Asian Bulletin of Mathematics,2011.

13.Surender Reddy.B(with Hemen Dutta):On Some Generalized Difference Sequences of Fuzzy Numbers, International Review of Fuzzy  Mathematics,2010.(ISSN:0973-4392).










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