Department of Statistics

1.  About the Department


Statistics, besides its theoretical development, is an application oriented subject. Statistical methodology is useful in every professional course like medicine, engineering, agriculture, industry, management, humanities, and social sciences. The inception of the Department of Statistics, Osmania University dates back to December 8, 1966. Till that date, Statistics was part of the Department of Mathematics. The Department has now grown to be one of the leading University Departments of Statistics in the country.

  2. Faculty Details  


Sl. No.

Name Designation Field of Specialization
1 Dr.R.J.Ramalinga Swamy Professor Probability, Statistics, Stochastic Processes, Statistical Quality Control
2 Dr.M.Krishna Reddy Professor Probability, Statistics, time Series, Neural Networks.
3 Dr.U.Surya Prakash Asso.Prof. Probability Statistics, Operations Research.
4 Dr.M.Gopala Rao Asso.Prof. Probability, Statistical Inference, Satistical Genetics.
5 Dr.P.Udaya Sree Asso.Prof. Probability, Statistics, Operations Research, Statistical Quality Control.
6 Dr.P.Lakshmi Manga Asso.Prof. Design of Experiments
7 Dr.V.V.Hara Gopal Asso.Prof. Statistics, Operations research, Multivariate Analysis, Pattern Recognition.
8 Dr.K.Vani Assi.Prof. Statistical Inference
9 Dr.K.Sumati Assi.Prof. Operations Research

3. Academic Programs

 Courses offered Approved Intake
M.Sc. Statistics (30+10* =40)  * indicates self-finance
M.Sc. Applied Statistics (30+10* =40) seats
M.Phil. Statistics  -----
Ph.D.   Statistics  -----


4.  Facilities Available


Computer facilities - A Computer Laboratory with 13 PCs and 2 Printers is available at present Library Seminar library with about 3000 P.G. and advanced level books


 5.  Activities and Achievements during 2001-2002

6.  Employment Opportunities


Students completing M.Sc. course in Statistics / Applied Statistics (which includes some practical training in the use of computers as well) would be well equipped for statistical analysis of huge data with the use of computers. Besides teaching position they find employment in industries, Directorate of Economics and Statistics, National Sample Surveys, NIC and other research and development organizations.


7.     Future Plan /Activities


The Department proposed FIST program under DST. The department plans research in the new emerging areas like pattern recognition, neural networks etc.