Department of Botany

1.  About the Department


The Department was started in 1924 as an under-graduate department. At present the Department has excellent infrastructure facilities and expert staff members in different fields of Plant Sciences. The department has seven fields of specialization for Research viz., 1) Phycology and Limnology, 2) Mycology and Plant Pathology, 3) Cytogenetics and Plant Biotechnology, 4) Plant Physiology, 5) Taxonomy, Anatomy and Embryology, and 6) Ecology & Environmental Biology . The Department has got three specializations  Excellence offered at M.Sc level. 1) Applied Mycology & Molecular Biology, 2) Applied Plant Physiology and Molecular Biology, 3) Morphology of Angiosperms and Medicinal Botany. 


The department has been  and  recieving grants for SAP (1994) and COSIST (1999) programmes of the UGC. There are 8 ongoing research projects sponsered by UGC,CSIR,DBT,MoEns,DST and APNL. All India Coordinated Project on Taxonomy of Fungi has been given to the department by the Ministry of Environmental and Forestry  besides the other projects.  


2.  Faculty Details


Sl. No 

Name Designation Field of Specialization


Dr.C.Manoharachary Professor Mycology Plant Pathology and Micro- biology and Fungal Biotechnology


Dr.S.H. Raza Professor Terrestrial Ecology


Dr.M.Radhakrishnaiah  Professor Chemotaxonomy


Dr.P.Satyanarayana Reddy Professor Taxonomy and Epidermology


Dr.G.Bagyanarayana Professor Mycology and Plant Pathology


Dr.S.Seetaram Rao Professor Plant Physiology


Dr.Y.B.Narsing Rao Asso. Prof. Embryology


Dr.B.Rajkumar Asso. Prof. Phycology, Limnology


Dr.Pratibhadevi Asso. Prof. Cytogenetics, Biotechnology


Dr.S.Gangadhar Rao Asso. Prof. Plant Physiology
11. Dr.A.Nagamani Asso. Prof. Mycology, Plant Pathology
12. Dr.P.Manikya Reddy Asso. Prof. Phycology and River Pollution
13. Dr.C.Venkateshwar Asso. Prof. Anatomy, Embryology and Pharmacognosy

3. Academic Programmes
Courses offered Approved Intake

M.Sc. Botany

Ph.D. Botany

Approximately (40)




  • Prof. Jafar Nizam Medal for I rank in M.Sc. Botany.

  • Prof.Pannuri Rama Rao Medal for securing the highest marks in Mycology and plant pathology in M.Sc. Botany.

  • Prof. K.V.N. Rao Medal for I rank in M.Sc. Botany with Plant Physiology

  • Prof. T. Navaneeth Rao Medal for securing the highest marks in M.Sc. (Previous) Botany.

4.  Facilities Available



Research labs 5; M.Sc. labs 6 and one common instrumentation lab, Well equipped Labs of various specializations, Cold room, Culture rooms, Glass houses, Green House and Botanical Garden.



  • i) High Performance liquid Chromatography - Schimadzu

  • ii) DNA Sequencer - Biorod

  • iii) ELISA - Biorod

  • iv) UV Spectrometer - Beckman

  • v) Spectrophotometer Shimadzu

  • vi) AAS Cathodean Alpha II U.K.

  • vii) Phrase Contrast Microscope - Leitz

  • viii) Trinocular Research Microscope - Leitz

  • ix) Gas Chromatography

  • x) Plant Growth Chamber - EEE

  • xi) Deep Freezer Remi.

Computer Facilities

Computer and Internet facilities are available.



Department brings out two journals a) Indian Journal of Microbial Ecology and b) Asian journal of plant sciences.


No. of books


Upto 7th May, 2002

Journals (Indian / Foreign)

7 + 5



5.   Activities and Achievements during 2001-2002

  • 24th All India Botanical Conference and an International Symposium were held during Nov.-2001.

  • A senior faculty member Prof. C. Mahoharachary has been awarded JC Bose award by the UGC.  

6.  Employment Opportunities  

The candidates from this department have opportunities in national labs, international labs like ICRISAT, B.S.I, industries, private sectors, biotechnology organizations, forest department, horticulture, voluntary organizations, N.G.O.s, science and technology departments, universities, degree and junior colleges.


7.  Future Plans / Activities

A national conference is proposed to be held under the aegis of UGC-SAP in Nov.- 2002.