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More Results-2014

  Result Name

Date of Release

LLB (Reval)ISem Feb-2015 Results 26-08-2015
MBA (CDE)(Reval) 1st sem April-2015 Results 20-08-2015
BA(Lang) (Reval) April/May-2015 Results 14-08-2015
OE (Reval) April/May -2015 Results 14-08-2015
PDC(Reval) April/May-2015 Results 14-08-2015
B.Tech (Bio-Tech) May - 2015 I Year to IV-1 Sem Results 07-08-2015
B.Tech (Chemical Engg) Bridge Course May-2015 Results 07-08-2015
B.Tech (Chemical Engg) May - 2015 I Year to IV-1 Sem Results 07-08-2015
LLM May -2015 Results 07-08-2015
MA (Languages) April/May -2015 Results 07-08-2015
B.E (Main/Suppl/Makeup) April/June -2015 Results 05-08-2015
B.E (Malpractice Cases) April/June -2015 Results 05-08-2015
UG (B.A/B.Com/B.Sc/BBA)(Reval) Annual-2015 Results 04-08-2015
PGDBIT June-2015 Results 29-07-2015
  Pharm-D (6YDC) Backlog Feb-2015 Recounting Results 25-07-2015
MBA IV SEM REGULAR & I II III rd (Backlog) May/June-2015 Results 25-07-2015
M.Ed (1st Semester) March-2015 Results 23-07-2015
M.Sc(IS) (REVAL) MAY-2015 Results 23-07-2015
PGDCUL May-2015 Results 23-07-2015
BCTCA May-2015 Results 21-07-2015
BHMCT May-2015 Results 21-07-2015
B.E 4/2 (Reval) May-2015 Results  
BBA LLB May-2015 Results 21-07-2015
MBA (CDE)Ist Yr I SEM April-2015 Results 17-07-2015
B.Tech (Bio) IV th Year II Sem May-2015 Results 17-07-2015
B.Tech (Chemical) IV th Year II Sem May-2015 Results 17-07-2015
LL.B May-2015 Results 17-07-2015
Ph.D Eligibility Tests-2014 Results  
PGDTCP (Reval) I SEM Jan-2015 Results  
BA LLB (Reval) JAN-2015 Results 13-07-2015
LLB (Reval) Jan-2015 Results 13-07-2015
LLB. Dip. March -2015 Results 08-07-2015
PGDCA April-2015 Results 06-07-2015
MCA 3/2 June-2015 Results 06-07-2015
B.Ed (Reval) March-2015 Results 01-07-2015
BCA May-2015 Results 27-06-2015
B.Pharmacy May-2015 Results 27-06-2015
BBA CDE I st Year April-2015 Results 23-06-2015
BA (CDE) Ist Year April-2015 Results 23-06-2015
B.Com (CDE) Ist Year April-2015 Results 23-06-2015
PDC April-2015 Results 22-06-2015
OE April-2015 Results 22-06-2015
BA(Lang) April-2015 Results 19-06-2015
M.Sc(IS) May-2015 Results 19-06-2015
Pharma D (3 YDC) Feb-2015 Results 19-06-2015
Pharma D (6YDC) Feb-2015 Results 18-06-2015
UG (BA/B.COm/B.Sc/BBA) April-2015 Results 12-06-2015
MBA I Sem Feb-2015 Results 23-05-2015
B.Tech (Bridge) (Reval) Jan-2015 Results 15-05-2015
B.Tech (Bio) (Reval) Dec-2014 Results 15-05-2015
B.Tech (Chem) (Reval) Dec -2014 Results 15-05-2015
Koti Womens College (OUCW) Degree April-2015 Results 06-05-2015
MCA FEB -2015 Results 04-05-2015
MCA (2 Years Course)Feb -2015 Results 04-05-2015
B.Ed March -2015 Results 01-05-2015
B.E.(1 to 4/1) NOV/DEC-2014 (r.v) Results 29-04-2015
BBA LLB Jan-2015 Results 21-04-2015
M.Pharmacy I Sem (Suppl) & II Sem (Main & Backlog) Sep-2014 Results 17-04-2015
LLM Jan-2015 Results 15-04-2015
MBA (CDE) Aug-2014 Recounting Results 15-04-2015
BCA (Reval) Dec-2014 Results 15-04-2015
M.Sc(IS) (Reval) Dec-2014 Results 15-04-2015
PGDTCP (Regular) Jan-2015 Results 10-04-2015
PGDTCP (Backlog) Jan-2015 Results 10-04-2015
MBA III Semester (Regular)Dec-2014 Recounting Results 09-04-2015
BCTCA (Reval) Dec-2014 Results 07-04-2015
BHMCT (Reval) Dec-2014 Results 07-04-2015
LLB Jan-2015 Results 04-04-2015
B.Pharmacy(Reval)Nov-2014 Results 02-04-2015
M.Pharmacy Sept-2014 Results 31-03-2015
PGDCA (Reval) Nov-2014 Results 11-03-2015
B.Tech (Bridge) Jan-2015 Results 10-03-2015
B.Tech (Bio) Dec-2014 Results 09-03-2015
B.Tech (Chem Engg) Dec-2014 Results 09-03-2015
M.Sc(IS) Dec-2014 Results 02-03-2015
PG Diploma in Culinary Arts Nov-2014 Results 21-02-2015
BE Nov-2014 Results 20-02-2015
PGDBM (Reval) July-2014 Results  
B.Ed (Distance Mode)-2014 Results and Counseling Schedule  
PGDCA Nov/Dec -2014 Results 10-02-2015
BHMCT Nov/Dec-2014 Results 10-02-2015
BCTCA Nov/Dec-2014 Results 10-02-2015
B.Pharmacy Nov-2014 Results 10-02-2015
MBA (One Time Chance) Dec-2014 Results 10-02-2015
MBA (CDE) Aug-2014 Results 07-02-2015
MBA III Sem Dec-2014 Results 30-01-2015
UG Supplementary(RV) Oct-2014 Results 28-01-2015
B.Ed.(Distance Mode)(RV) Aug-2014 Results 28-01-2015
B.Ed.(Third Methodology)(RV) Aug-2014 Results 28-01-2015
LLB Revaluation Aug-2014 Results 19-01-2015
Pharma D (3 YDC) Sep-2014 Results 09-01-2015
Pharma D (6 YDC) Sep-2014 Results 09-01-2015
B.Ed Sept-2014 Results (Old Scheme) 08-01-2015
B.Ed Sept-2014 Results (New Scheme) 08-01-2015
PGD in Bio-Informatics (Reval) Sept-2014 Results 07-01-2015
PGDTCP (Reval) Sept-2014 Results  




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