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  Result Name

Date of Release

BA(Lang) April/May-2016 Results 15-06-2016
OE April/May-2016 Results 15-06-2016
PDC April/May-2016 Results 15-06-2016
BE(4/4)(2nd Semester)(Main& Backlog) MAY/JUNE- 2016 Results 14-06-2016
LLB PG Diploma Feb-2016 Results 14-06-2016
MBA I Sem Feb-2016 Results 07-06-2016
UG(BA/B.Com/B.Sc) March/April-2016 Results 01-06-2016
B.Com (Hons) Entrance Test -2016 Results 30-05-2016
LLM FEB-2016-RESULTS 19-05-2016
LLB(HONS)-FEB-2016-RESULTS 19-05-2016
BBA-LLB-FEB-2016-RESULTS 18-05-2016
BCOM-LLB-FEB-2016-RESULTS 18-05-2016
LLB Feb-2016 Results 18-05-2016
PG I/III Sem., Recounting Results, Dec-2015.  
PGDBM (RV), PGDM (RV) August-2015 Results  
LLB Dec-2015 (RV) Updated Results 06-05-2016
BBA LLB Dec-2015 (RV) Updated Results 06-05-2016
B.Tech(Bio)(RV) Dec-2015 Results 04-05-2016
B.Tech(Bridge)(RV) Dec-2015 Results 04-05-2016
B.Tech(Chem. Engg)(RV) Dec-2015 Results 04-05-2016
B.E (RV) Nov-2015 Results 28-04-2016
M.P.Ed Dec-2015 Results 25-04-2016
MCA (2YDC)Feb-2016 Results 22-04-2016
MCA Feb-2016 Results 22-04-2016
BCA (RV) Dec-2015 Results 19-04-2016
M.Sc(IS) (RV) DEC-2015 Results 19-04-2016
BHMCT (RV) Nov-2015 Results 13-04-2016
BCTCA (RV) Nov-2015 Results 13-04-2016
MBA III rd Sem (Regular) Recounting Dec-2015 Results 12-04-2016
D.P.Ed. I Year I Sem (Regular) Jan-2016 Results 12-04-2016
B.Ed (Suppl) Feb-2016 Results 07-04-2016
B.Pharmacy (Reval) Nov-2015 Results 05-04-2016
Pharma -D (3YDC and 6YDC ) All Jan--2016 Recounting Results 04-04-2016
MBA (CDE) (Regular) (Recounting) Main /Backlog/ suppl) Nov-2015 Results 04-04-2016
M.Pharmacy (Recounting) Main /Backlog/ suppl) Nov-2015 Results 04-04-2016
LLM III Sem Regular December-2015 02-04-2016
B.PEd I yr I Sem January 2016 Results 30-03-2016
PGDCA (Reval) Nov-2015 Results 24-03-2016
M.sc(IS) Dec-2015 Results 04-03-2016
PG Diploma In CULINARY Dec-2015 Results 04-03-2016
M.Pharmacy Nov-2015 Results 04-03-2016
BCA Dec-2015 Results 29-02-2016
LLB Dec-2015 Results 26-02-2016
BBA-LLB Dec-2015 Results 27-02-2016
B.Tech (Bio) Dec- 2015 Results 27-02-2016
B.Tech(Bridge) Dec-2015 Results 27-02-2016
B.Tech(Chemical Engg) Dec-2015 Results 27-02-2016
B.E Nov-2015 Results 20-02-2016
MBA IIIrd Sem Dec/Jan-2015 Results 20-02-2016
Pharma-D (3YDC) (New) Jan-2016 Results 18-02-2016
Pharma-D(6YDC) (New) Jan -2016 Results 18-02-2016
Pharma-D (6YDC) (old) Jan-2016 Results 18-02-2016
PDC (RV) Oct/Nov-2015 Results 17-02-2016
Osmania Entrance (RV) Oct/Nov-2015 Results 17-02-2016
B.A Languages (RV) Oct/Nov-2015 Results 17-02-2016
UG Supply (RV) Oct/Nov-2015 Results 17-02-2016
PG Diploma (CDE) (New) Aug-2015 Results 13-02-2016
PG Diploma (CDE) (Old) Aug-2015 Results 13-02-2016
PGDTCP (New) Aug-2015 Results 13-02-2016
PGDTCP (Old) Aug-2015 Results 13-02-2016
MBA(CDE) I,II,III Year Aug-2015 Results 11-02-2016
PG (CDE) M.A/M.Com/M.Sc Previous (Regular) Recounting Jul-2015 Resluts 06-02-2016
PGDCA Nov-2015 Results 05-02-2016
MCA (2YDC) ((RV)Aug-2015 Results 03-02-2016
B.Pharmacy Nov-2015 Results 03-02-2016
BHMCT Nov-2015 Results 03-02-2016
BCTCA Nov-2015 Results 03-02-2016
MBA(CDE) Ist Year Ist Sem(Backlog & Improvment), II nd Sem (Regular) Aug/Sept-2015 Results 29-01-2016
B.Ed (DM) Aug-2015 Results 20-01-2016
B.Ed III-Rd-Methodology Aug-2015 Results 20-01-2016
PG (CDE) M.A/M.Com/M.Sc (Previous,Backlog & Final) Recounting June/Jul-2015 Resluts 13-01-2016
M.Ed II Semester Sep-2015 Results 12-01-2016




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