Ph.D. 3 Years
M.Phil. 1 Year, 12 seats
M.A. 2 Years, 30+10 seats

Prof. C. Ganesh

Chairperson , BOS

Dr. P. Vishnu Dev


The Department of Sociology is the biggest teaching and research centre in South India. Sociology was introduced as an optional subject at the undergraduate level in 1928. The Department was separated from the Department of Economics in 1937-38. In 1946 it introduced the M.A. course and became a full-fledged postgraduate Department. The M.Phil. programme was started in 1974 followed by the Doctoral Programme.

The Department was sanctioned ‘Special Assistance Programme’ (SAP) by UGC in 1990 and was given an extension for the second term during 1995-2000. The third phase was sanctioned from the year 2002 and the fourth phase was sanctioned from 1st April, 2007 to 31st March, 2012.  The Department has also been sanctioned ASIHSS programme by the UGC, New Delhi from April 1st 2006 to 2011.

I Semester
1. Principles of Sociology
2. Classical Sociological Thinkers
3. Approaches to the Study of Indian Society
4. Rural and Urban Sociology
5. a) Science, Technology & Society
     b) Practical Exercises
II Semester
1. Modern Sociological Thinkers
2. Social Stratification and Social Mobility
3. Social Anthropology of Tribal Culture and Development
4. Industrial Sociology
5. a) Qualitative Research and Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA) Techniques
     b) Practicals and Field Work (PRA)
III Semester

1. Contemporary Sociological Theories
2. Specialisation I :

     a) Globalisation and Social Change
      b) Sociology of Communication and Change
3. Specialisation II :

     a) Sociology of Development
     b) Civil Society, NGOs and Development

4. a) Research Methodology - Social Statistics & Computer Applications

    b) Practicals & Field Work

5. Sociology of Youth (Interdisciplinary)

IV Semester

1. Social Movements

2. specialization  I

    a) Sociology of Health


     b) Sociology of Environment & Change

3. Specialisation  II

    a) Social Work


    b) Governance for Development

4. Project Report and Viva-Voce

5. Sociology of Education (Interdisciplinary)



Dr. C. Ganesh, M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D.

Head, Dept of Sociology, and Coordinator, UGC -SAP.
Specialization: Rural Sociology and Rural Development, Human Resource Development




Dr. P. Vishnu Dev

Chairman, BOS &

I/C NSS Programme Coordinator


Dr. B. Ramaiah


Mr. Ch. Parandamulu, Project Fellow

Mr. D. Thirupathi, Project Fellow

Mrs. K. Venkataravamma, Project Fellow

Mr. Yakoob Mathangi, Library Assistant

Ms. P. Shravani, Secretarial Assistant



Mr. B. Niranjan, Project Fellow

Ms. H. Tarakamma, Project Fellow

Mr. G. Prasad Babu, Computer Programmer

Mr. N. Sandeep, Office Sub-Ordinate



Mrs .M. Vijaya Lakshmi, Typist - III
Mr. K. Shiva Shanker, Museum Keeper
Mr. G. Prem Kumar, Office Sub-Ordinate