1. Ph.D Programme

2. M.A. 2 Years, 31+12 seats


Prof. C. Aruna Jyothi

M.A., Ph.D.

Chairperson, BOS

Prof. Ravinder Kaur

M.A., M.Phil, Ph.D.


Department of Public Administration was established in 1956 and it offered a two-year PG Diploma and one-year Certificate course. Public Administration was offered as an optional subject at B.A level in 1958. The PG Diploma course was upgraded as a full-fledged Masters Course in 1961. Ph.D .programme was introduced in 1968 and M.Phil. was introduced in 1970. M.A was started at Nizam College during the academic year 1998-99

The Department, in collaboration with Central and State Governments, started a P.G. Diploma Course in Local Self- Government and Urban Administration in 1966. In 1970, Southern Regional Centre for Urban and Environmental Studies was started to train municipal personnel to carry out research and to offer consultancy services in urban administration in four southern states.

A two-year P.G. course in Public Personnel Management was introduced as an evening programme in 1984. This was offered as an M.A. (PPM) Course in 1987 and now it is being offered through the Prof. G. Ram Reddy Centre for Distance Education, Osmania University.

The Department had the privilege of having distinguished academicians like Prof. Sudhakar Rao, Prof. Ziauddin Khan, Prof. M.A. Muttalib and Prof. G. Ram Reddy former Chairman, UGC and former Vice-Chancellor of Andhra Pradesh Open University, Osmania University, Prof. K. Seshadri, former Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences, JNU and Prof. V.S. Prasad, Director, NAAC

Courses Offered

  • Ph.D Programme

  • M.A. 2 Years, 31+12 seats

Paper Titles of M.A.(Public Administration)




Core - 1: Administrative Theory-I

Core - 1 :  Administrative Theory-II

Core - 2:Introduction to Public Policy

Core - 2 : Comparative Public Administration

Core - 3:Indian Polity and Administration

Core - 3 : Indian Administrative Systems

Elective I-A: Introduction to Governance

Elective I-A:  Law, Ethics and Governance

Elective I-B: Local Governance in India

Elective I-B:  Development- Concept and Models

Elective II-A: Management Science & Techniques

Elective II-A: Public Policy, Concepts & Models

Elective II-B: Civil Services in India

Elective II-B: Development Policies in India





Core - 1: Human Resource Administration

Core - 1 : ICT and Public Administration

Core - 2: Public Financial Administration

Core - 2 : Rural Development & Panchayat Raj

Core - 3: Globalization & Public Administration

Core - 3 : Research Methods

Elective I-A: Employee-Employer Relations

Elective I-A:  Public Polices in India

Elective I-B: Public Policy Analysis

Elective I-B: E-Governance/Project Work

Elective II-A: Organizational Behavior


Elective II-A: Human Development and Governance / Project

Elective II-B:(ID)Urban Governance in India

Elective II-B: (ID) E-Government

Note: Complete details about the course may please be obtained from the Head of the department



Prof. C. Aruna Jyothi, Head
M.A., Ph.D.
Specialization: Comparative Public Administrative & Women's Studies

Prof. Ravinder Kaur, Chairperson, BOS
M.A., M.Phil, Ph.D.
Specialization: Human Development & Governance; Women Studies

Prof. Y.Pardhasaradhi
M.A., M.Phil, Ph.D.
Specialization: Administrative theory and e-Governance

Prof. R. Limbadri
M.A., M.Phil, Ph.D.
Specialization: Rural Governance & Industrial Relations

Prof. D. Lalith Kumar
M.A., M.Phil, Ph.D.
Specialization: Police Administration & Indian Administration

 Associate Professors

C. Aruna Jyothi, M.A.,  Ph.D.

Specialization:  Women's Studies


Mrs. Saroja
Mr. Goutham