Ph.D. 3 Years
M.Phil. 1 Year, 12 seats
M.A. 2 Years, 20+10 seats
Dr. P. Swathi
Chairperson, BOS
Dr. A. Anupama

Psychology was first introduced as a subject in the undergraduate (B.A.) Programme in 1950-51 in the Department of Philosophy. Later the Department of Psychology was established as a separate Department by Prof. E. G. Parameswaran and M.A. programme introduced in 1962. The Department offers B.A. Psychology in 7 undergraduate Colleges, and also offer Post Graduate diploma in Child Psychology and Psychological Counseling. Under the Board of Rehabilitation Psychology,  the Department offers M.Phil in Rehabilitation Psychology and M.Phil in Clinical Psychology and few P.G. Diplomas in Early Intervention, Developmental Rehabilitation and Management. The Department has awarded 48 Ph.D., 57 M.Phil degrees and undertaken 32 Research Projects so far. At present the Department is additioning guiding 3 foreign students registered for their Ph.D, apart from the regular programme. The Department has established 'SAHAYAM" a Psychological Counseling Centre at Osmania University and also in the constituent colleges. Presently the Department has ASIHSS, GF ATM and ISRO projects. The Department conducts series of workshops in Counseling, Personality Development and Career Choice on a regular basis and activities such as open forums, exhibitions and outreach programme to dipel the myth about the subject psychology and bring about vast awareness among the general public.

Courses in M.A. Psychology, Choice Based Credit System  (CBCS)
I Semester
Statistics in Psychology
Social Psychology Theory & Applications
Cognitive Psychology-I
Personality Theories and Assessment
Experimental Psychology (Practicals)
II Semester
Experimental Designs in Psychology
Development across Life Span
Cognitive Psychology-II
Psychological Testing
Experimental Psychology  (Practicals)
III Semester

Abnormal Psychology
Organisational Behaviour

Foundations & Theoretical Approaches to Counselling

Psychological Testing Practicals

*Understanding Basic Psychological Processes


IV Semester

Health Psychology
Human Resource Management
Counselling Skills and Practicals
*Applied Psychology - for Health



* These are the interdisciplinary courses offered by the department of non-Psychology Students


Add On Course: Compulsory paper for all the P.G. students studying in the various constituent colleges of Osmania Univrsity

Semester - I :          Communicative English and Soft Skills

Semester-II :           Human Rights, Environmental Concerns and Practical Ethics

Semester-III:           Personality Development and Wellness

Semester-IV:           Community Development



Dr. A. Anupama

Dr. P. Swathi


Mr. Md. Iqbal Khan
Mr. S. Krishna