Ph.D. 3 Years
M.Phil. 1 Year, 12 seats
M.A. 2 Years, 30+10 seats

Prof. M. Brahmanandam

Chairperson, BOS
Prof. M. Chenna Basavaiah

The teaching of Political Science at Osmania University began in the year 1919 in the Department of History. In 1948, Political Science acquired the status of an independent discipline with the establishment of a separate Department. Since its inception the Department has been continuously evolving with the adoption of new courses from time to time, with the introduction of research and guidance facilities and establishment of specialized areas of research and teaching.

Political Science is offered as a course of study at the U.G., P.G., M.Phil. and Ph.D. level. Further it is offered through distance mode at U.G. and P.G. levels. Presently Political Science is offered at P.G. level in University College of Arts and Social Sciences and four other constituent colleges including P.G. Centre at Mahaboobnagar. There are 26 faculty members in the department. Nearly 300 teachers in political science are working in affiliated colleges. Around 190 students enroll every year in political science at M.A. level in the OU constituent colleges. About 800 students enroll at M.A. level through distance mode offered by O.U. In all close to thirty thousand students are studying political science at U.G. level. In the last one and half decade 90 Research Scholars were awarded Doctorate and 53 research scholars were awarded M.Phil in political science. Presently 35 research scholars are working for Ph.D. degree and 35 research scholars for M.Phil. degree in the department.

The Department has the distinction of contributing its outstanding personalities to various positions. The members of the department have occupied eminent positions at the state, National and International level. Among them, late Prof. G. Ram Reddy had the distinction of heading the University Grants Commission as its Chairman and was also the Vice-Chairman for Commonwealth Learning. Late Prof. Rasheeduddin Khan was nominated to Rajya Sabha. Prof. N. G. Rajurkar delivered series of lectures to the Members of the Parliament in 1995.

Further, the members of the Department of political science have the distinction of heading some of the important research institutions like ICSSR (South Regional Center, Hyderabad) and Center for Indo-American Studies. Many of the faculty members also had the opportunity of visiting foreign universities on academic assignment. In addition to this, the department is known for contributing its faculty services to various organizations, associated with higher education in the State and Country. Apart from this, some of the members of the faculty are also closely associated with various Voluntary/Non-Governmental Organizations dealing with the issues of Farmers, Women, Dalits, Environment etc.

U.G.C. Supported Schemes:
University Leadership Programme (ULP):
The department was visited by the various committees of the UGC at various times which enabled it to be selected for various programmes like the University Leadership Programme (1978 – 1983) which resulted in the publication of undergraduate level political science books both in Telugu and English.


Departmental Research Support (DRS): (1988-92)

The department was also identified for Departmental Research Support in 1988 - 1992. Under this programme number of academic activities such as seminars, workshops, research projects and field studies were conducted. Large number of books were purchased for the departmental library. Series of publications were made by the teaching staff of the department.


Departmental Special Assistance (DSA) - (Phase - I & II): 1993-2004

On the successful completion of the DRS, the UGC sanctioned the Departmental Special Assistance Programme (DSA) (Phase-I from April 1993 - March 1999 and Phase-II from September 1999 - March 2004). Under this programme infrastructure of the department was improved and number of academic activities have taken up.


Assistance for Strengthening of the Infrastructure of the Humanities and Social Sciences (ASIHSS): 2004-2007

After successful completion of DSA Phase-II, the UGC invited proposals from the Department for ASIHSS Programme and the Department responded by submitting a detailed proposal. The UGC examined and sanctioned the ASIHSS programme for a period of three years i.e., 2004-2007 for strengthening of the infrastructure of the department.

Under this programme infrastructure facilities such as Computer Lab, Seminar Room and Library were added. Large number of books were purchased. Number of national seminars, workshops and orientation programmes were organized. Field works were done by large number of research scholars to secure relevant data on public policies on rural areas.


Centre for Advanced Study - I (CAS - I): 2007-2012

The Department of Political Science has implemented DSA Phase I and Phase II from 1993-2004. The University Grants Commission constituted an Expert Committee to review the progress made by the department in DSA Phase I and II and consider the proposals for further UGC assistance to the department.

After a very careful and critical in-depth examination of the academic achievements made by the department during the term as well as discussing various aspects of implementation of the programme with the departmental representatives, the Review Committee has submitted their recommendations to the Commission.

On the basis of the recommendations of the Review Committee, the UGC has approved the continuation of UGC assistance at the level of CAS - I to the department of Political Science for 5 years, i.e. 1-4-2007 to 31-3-2012 and provided financial assistance of Rs. 54,00,000 under different heads.

Collaboration with College of Air Warfare (CAW)
The College of Air Warfare (CAW) (a part of the Indian Air Force’s establishment) is affiliated with the Department of Political Science for M.Phil Degree for their Higher Air Command Course (HACC). A memorandum of understanding has been processed between Osmania University and CAW. Department of Political Science, Osmania University is the first Southern University entering into such a formal structure with a defense establishment for a research degree. M.Phil Degree is awarded to 18 Officers in CAW for the year 2005-2006, 22 Officers for the year 2006-2007,  18 Officers for the year 2007-2008, 17 Officers for the year 2008-2009 and 22 Officers for the year 2009-2010.

Collaboration with Indian Council of World Affairs

In the year 2009, the department has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with Indian Council of World Affairs, Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India to conduct Seminars, Workshops, etc.

a) Books: The department faculty published 7 books during the last five years.
b) Articles: In the last five years the faculty in the department published more than 70 articles in different journals and presented a large number of research papers in National and International seminars / workshops.


The department had organized 8 National seminars and 1 International seminar in the last five years.


Resource Persons:

The faculty also achieved recognition at the state and national level and they have been invited as Resource Persons for the following prestigious training centers.
a) Academic Staff College
b) National Police Academy
c) College of Air Warfare
d) College of Defence Management
e) Dr. M. Chenna Reddy Human Resources Development - (Govt. of Andhra Pradesh)

Awards & Fellowships:

The department faculty has also been selected for prestigious International Fellowships such as
a) US Full Bright Fellowship
b) Oxford Fellowship
c) Jawaharlal Nehru Teen Murthi Fellowship, New Delhi

The Department is organizing several innovative teaching methods, which include:
a) Adoption of Audio - Visual Media – The department is maintaining a CD Library on various curriculum
b) Field studies on related themes.
c) PowerPoint presentations using LCD projector.
d) Model Assembly, Field Studies, Interactive Sessions, Seminars, Group Discussions, Symposia, etc.

I Semester
PSC-101 : Western Political Thought - I
PSC-102 : International Relations - I
PSC-103 : Indian Political System
PSC-104 : Political Sociology
PSC-105 : Public Policy
II Semester
PSC-201 : Western Political Thought - II
PSC-202 : International Relations - II
PSC-203 : Indian Political Process
PSC-204 : Political Economy
PSC-205 : Comparative Govt. and Politics
III Semester

PSC-301 : Ancient and Medieval Indian Political Thought
PSC-302 : Government and Politics in Andhra Pradesh
PSC-303 : India’s Foreign Policy

PSC-304A : Regional Organisations   (or)

PSC-304B : Political Economy of India  (or)

PSC-304C : Feminist Theory of Politics  (or)

PSC-304D : Government and Politics of Pakistan  (or)

PSC-304E : Human Rights  (or)

PSC-304F : Political Thought of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar


PSC-305 : Indian Polity

ID Pool        (Inter Disciplinary)

1, 2, 3


IV Semester

PSC-401 : Modern Indian Thought
PSC-402 : Social Movements in India


PSC-403A : South Asia    (or)

PSC-403B : Government and Politics of China   (or)

PSC-403C : Panchayati Ran and Rural Development   (or)

PSC-403D : International Law   (or)

PSC-403E : Security Studies  (or)

PSC-403F : Media and Politics  (or)

PSC-403G : Women's Studies  (or)


PSC-404 : Project Report

PSC-405 : International Studies  (or)

ID Pool       (Inter Disciplinary)

1, 2, 3     



Dr. V. Yoga Jyostna


Dr. G. Krishna Reddy


Dr. J. Laxmi Narasimha Rao, M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D.
Specialization: International Relations


M. Channa Basavaiah


K. Srinivasulu


J. Musalaiah


G. Ram Reddy


J. Laxmi Narsimha Rao



Mr. G. Tara Singh   (Sr. Asst.)
Mr. K. Gowtham   (Office Subordinate - Daily Wage)