1. Ph.D. Programme

2. M.A. Persian


Dr. Md. Ashfaque Chand

M.A, M.Phil , Ph.D.

Chairperson, BOS

Dr. Md. Ashfaque Chand

M.A, M.Phil , Ph.D.


The Department of Persian was established in October 1918 A.D with Moulana Syed Ashraf Shamsi as its first Head .It started working as a full-fledged department , having classes at the level of Intermediate, U.G, P.G. and then research as well. Dr. Mohd. Nizamuddin did his Ph.D. under supervision of Prof. E.G.Brown ,the great orientalist from Cambridge University. He founded 'Bazm -e-Farsi' a Persian literary society in 1938-39 with Nawab Mehdi Yar Jung , the then Vice Chancellor of the University as its president. 'Bazm -e-Farsi' a Persian literary Association has been revived in 2007. The president of India awarded Dr. Shareef Unnisa Ansari ,( M.A. , Ph.D.(Osm) Ph.D. (Iran) ) the honorary title of PADAMSHIRI for her contribution to the Persian language and Literature in India in 1991. After her retirement in 1988 her services were availed by UGC Delhi for more two years as a Emeritus Professor . Prof. Razia Akber , Prof. S. Basheerunnisa Begum , Prof.P.M. Yakoob Omer and Dr. Zaibunnisa were awarded by the president of India in 1989, 1996 and 1999 respectively. The Persian seminar library has valuable books . 1000 new books were presented to the Chancellor , O.U , by the Gevt. Of Islamic Republic of Iran , in connection with "Dialogue Year Between Civilazation" in 2002. Many works of Dr. S.M. Tanveeruddin were included in the Encyclopedia of Persian Literature in Indian Sub-continent ( Danesh Nameh) which covers one thousand years of literary history from 1001 to 2002 A.D. published by the Govt. of Iran in 2001. The Department has awarded 25 Ph.D. and 13 M.phil. degrees so far Every year the department awards Moulana Rumi Gold Medal to a student who secures highest marks in M.A. Course.


Courses Offered

  • Ph.D. Programme

  • M.A. Persian

Paper Titles of M.A.(Persian)



Core - 1: History of Persian Language  & comparative Linguistics

Core - 1 : History of Persian Literature in ( Iran)

Core - 2: Structure of Persian Language  

Core - 2 : Translation and Computer Application

Core - 3: Classical Prose -I 

Core - 3 :  Classical Prose -II

Elective I-A: Classical Poetry -I

Elective I-A:Classical Poetry -II

Elective I-B: Poetic Form of Persian Literature -I ( Qasida & Mathnavi) 

Elective I-B:Poetic Form of Persian Literature -II( Ghazal  & Rubai) 

Elective II-A: Tasaww'uf-( Sufi Lterature) - I

Elective II-A: Tasaww'uf-( Sufi Lterature) - II

Elective II-B: Indo- Persian Studies

Elective II-B:  Persian Speaking  World




Core - 1: History of Persian Literature in ( India)

Core - 1 : History of Persian Literature in ( Deccan)

Core - 2: Rhetoric ,Prosody, Forms of Poetry & Non detailed

Core - 2 : Persian Archives  in India & Iran

Core - 3: Modern  Prose 

Core - 3 : Persian Historiography in India

Elective I-A: Modern  Poetry

Elective I-A: Nezami Ganjavi -II

Elective I-B: Persian Drama

Elective I-B: Creative Writing

Elective II-A: I D Papers

Nezami Ganjavi -I

Elective II: Project Report

Elective II-B:  Functional Persian


Note: Complete details about the course may please be obtained from the Head of the department.

Assistant Professors
Dr. Md. Ashfaque Chand , Head & Chairman , BOS
M.A, M.Phil , Ph.D.
Specialization : Indo-Persian Literature