Ph.D. 3 years
M.Phil. 1 year, 12 seats
M.A. 2 years, 15 seats


Dr. Namrata Badge

M.A., B.Ed.



Chairperson, BOS

Dr. Namrata Badge

M.A., B.Ed.





Prof. Shobha Deshmukh has awarded by Marathi Sahitya Parishad, Pune as "Best Drama Critic" for 'Marathi Natkatil Stri Rupe' in 2007. In 2010 she has participated in "International Seminar, Rashiya" and research paper presented. She has awarded as 'Best Teacher' in 2001 by Education Minister of Maharashtra for 'Dakshin Bhartatil Marathi Sahitya Sanshodhan'. She has completed 3 Major Projects and 1 Minor Project through U.G.C. Delhi. Marathi is offered as the second language in affiliated colleges. The Department has been publishing an annual research journal "Marathi Swadhyaya Sanshodhan Patrika" since 1960.
The Department has awarded 25 Ph.D. and 27 M. Phill Degrees so far. Those who complete Ph. D. in Marathi are awarded 'Madhekar Memorial Gold Medal'. Faculty Members of the Department have Published 80 research books so far Prominent academicians who worked in the Department are Prof. S. R. Kulkarni , Prof. V.D. Kulkarni Prof. Manik Rao Dhanpalwar, Prof. Kavita. K., Prof. Geeta Suresh Kate, Prof. Shobha Deshmukh.

Courses Offered

  • Ph.D. Programme

  • M.A. Marathi

Paper Titles of M.A.(Marathi)



Core - 1:  Madhyayugeen marathi sahitya

Core - 1 : Marathi panditi kavi

Core - 2:  Kavya Shastra

Core - 2 : Marathi vyakaran

Core - 3:  Marathi nibandha wangmay

Core - 3 : Marathi dalit atamkathane

Elective I-A: Marathi natak

Elective I-A: Sant eknathanchya sahityacha abhyas

Elective I-B: Marathi loksahitya

Elective I-B: Nivdak kadambaryancha abhyas : gawlan  kalkatte

Elective II-A: Marathi charitra

Elective II-A:  Marathi atmacharitra

Elective II-B: Marathi wangmayeen chalvalicha abhyas

Elective II-B:  Sant namdevachya sahityacha abhyas






Core - 1: Marathi bhasantarit sahitya

Core - 1 : Marathi sameeksha

Core - 2: Marathicha bhashastriya abhyas

Core - 2 : Marathi wangmayachi sanskrutic parshwbhoomi

Core - 3: Marathi shahiri wangmay

Core - 3 : Madyayugeen Marathi wangmayacha itihaas

Elective I-A: Marathi katha

Elective I-A: Marathi aadhunik kavita

Elective I-B: Marathi arwachin gadya

Elective I-B: Marathi arwachin gadya

Elective II-A: (ID) Marathi vinodi sahitya

Elective II-A: Marathi kadambri

Elective II-B: (ID) Marathi sulabh vyakaran

Elective II-B: Project





Note: Complete details about the course may please be obtained from the Head of the department.


  Assistant PROFESSOR

Dr. Namarata Bagde, Head & Chairperson, Board of Studies
M.A., B.Ed.
Specialization : Modern Marathi Literature