1. Ph.D. Programme
2. M.A. (Linguistics): 2 years - 20+10 seats
3. PG Diploma in Applied Linguistics: 1 year - 20 seats
Dr. Mohd. Ansari
M.A, B.Ed., L.L.M., M.Phil.
Chairperson, BOS
Dr. Mohd. Ansari
M.A, B.Ed., L.L.M., M.Phil.

The department was established in 1962 with the institution of a Tagore centenary Chair in Linguistics funded by the Government of India and the University Grants Commission (UGC) in the year 1977. After its completion, the Department was elevated to the status of a Centre of Advanced Study (CAS) in Linguistics in 1985. The UGC has awarded the 4th phase of CAS status to the department in the year 2013 to 2018 with the grant of 70 Lacks (35 Lacks recurring and 35 Lacks non-recurring). Prof D. Vasanta has served as the coordinator and Sri Mohammad Ansari as Dy. coordinator. The department was sanctioned additional funds to the tune of Rs.13 Lacks by the UGC under 'Assistance for Strengthening of Infrastructure in Humanities and Social Sciences' (ASIHSS) programme for a period of three years, i.e. from 2004 to 2007. Prof. Bh. Krishnamurti, served as principal Art Collage and also served as V.C. at Univeristy of Hyderabad (1986-93), Prof. H. S. Ananthanarayana, Prof. C. Ramarao, Prof. B. Lakshmi Bai and Prof. Aditi Mujherjee, all faculty members of this department have served as Dean, Faculty of Arts, O.U.

Prof. B. Ramakrishna Reddy, served as Registrar, PSR Telugu University Hyderabad and Dravidian University Kuppam.

Prof. C. Rama Rao, Prof. B. Lakshmi Bai and Prof. Aditi Mukherjee, all faculty members of this department have served as Dean, Faculty of Arts, O.U. The following are the major thrust areas of the Department:

  • Psycholinguistics: Theoretical and Applied (including Neuro and Clinical Linguistics)

  • Sociolinguistics (including contract and convergence with special reference to the tribal languages of Central India and Dravidian Language)

  • Applied Linguistics (including Lexicography, Translation Studies and Educational Linguistics)

The M.A. programme in linguistics was started in 1962. P.G. Diploma in Applied Linguistics and the Ph.D programme was introduced in the year 1965. The M.Phil programme was started in 1973. So far, 50 M.Phil and 29 Ph.D. degrees have been awarded.

The Department Seminar Library has about 8,500 books pertaining to different branches of linguistics and it is considered as the second best collection at the national level. Back volumes of many of the journals in Linguistics are available for research and reference. The Department has a Computer Lab with 10-internet-ready computers. The Department brings out the refereed journal Osmania Papers in Linguistics annually. Volume 38 (2012) has been published and Vol.39 & 40 are in progress. In addition, the department has brought out proceedings of select seminars and conferences.

The students and some of the faculty members have been participating in the preparation of textbooks in tribal languages undertaken by Tribal Cultural and Research Centre and Government of Andhra Pradesh. Starting from the academic year (2016-2017) CBCS pattern has been implemented.

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Courses Offered

  • Ph.D. Programme

  • M.A. (Linguistics): 2 years - 20+10 seats

  • PG Diploma in Applied Linguistics: 1 year - 20 seats

Paper Titles of M.A.(Linguistics)



Core - 1: Phonetics-I

Core - 1 : Pociolinguistics

Core - 2: Phonology -I

Core - 2 : Historical linguistics

Core - 3: Morphology -I

Core - 3 : Psycholinguistics

Elective I -A: Syntax-I

Elective I-A:Language families of south asia

Elective I -B: Structure Of Telugu 

Elective I -B: Translation Studies

Elective II -A: Semantics

Elective II -A: Lexicography

Elective II -B: Structure Of English

Elective II -B: Dialectology

Tutorial -  I  / Seminar - I

Tutorial - II / Seminar - II




Core - 1: Phonology-II

Core - 1 : Phonetics-II

Core - 2: Morphology-II

Core - 2 : Syntax-II

Core - 3: Field Methods In Linguistics

Core - 3 : Neurolinguistics

Elective I -A: Computer Applications In Language Analysis

Elective I -A: Language Teaching Methods

Elective I -B: Applied Sociolinguistics

Elective I-B: Language Typology & Universals

Elective II-A: Language Structure And Variation

Elective II -A: Project

Elective II -B: Psychology Of Language

Elective II -B: Educational Linguistics

Seminar - III

Seminar - IV

Note: Complete details about the course may please be obtained from the Head of the department



Sri. Mohammad Ansari

M.A, M.Phil., B.Ed., L.L.M.
Head & Chairman BoS, Dy. Coordinator CAS phase-IV.
Specialization: Phonetics, Phonology, Indo-Aryan Languages


Dr. C.S. Swathi,
M.Sc (Sp&Hg), M.A (Ling.), Ph.D (Ling.)
Specialization: Phonetics, Psycholinguistics, Neurolinguistics, Phonology, Semantics

K. Susheel Kumar,
M.A (Ling.), M.Phil(Ling.), (Ph.D)
Specialization: Socio Linguistics, Morphology, Syntax, Lexicography

K. Balu Naik,
M.Sc, B.Ed, M.A (Ling.), (PhD)
Specialization: Sociolinguistics, Pedagogical Linguistics, Computation Linguistics


Dr. V.M. Subramanya Sharma
M.A (Ling.), M.Phil (Ling.), Ph.D (Ling).
Specialization: Descriptive Linguistics, Indian Grammatical Tradition.

Syeda Humera,
MA (Ling)
Specialization: Morphology, syntax, Language Families of South Asia.


Dr. M. Srikanth

Mr.M. Venkanna
Mr. Ch. Bhuvaneswar

Mr.G. Anjaneyulu


Mr. Raghu Rama Rao (Superintendent)
Mr. K. Srinivasulu, (Professional Assistant, Seminar Library)
Mr. Md. Fareed (Attender)