1. Ph.D. Programme

2. M.A.(Lib.I.Sc,)


Prof. V. Vishwa Mohan
M.A., M.L.I.Sc., Ph.D.
Chairperson, BOS

Prof. V. Vishwa Mohan
M.A., M.L.I.Sc., Ph.D.


The Department was established in 1959 with the efforts of Sri. Masood Yazdani, Sri. B. P. Shenoy and Sri. K. Raghava Reddy. Initially it offered a Post-Graduate Diploma and a Post-matriculation Certificate in Library Science. The Certificate Course was given up in 1962 following the recommendation of Sinha Committee appointed by the Government of India.

The Diploma was replaced by a postgraduate degree course in Library Science (BLISc) in 1965. The Department was renamed as Department of Library & Information Science in mid -80's as per the UGC directive. The Master's degree program (MLISc) was started in 1978-80 and the M.Phil Program was introduced during 1993-94. The Department introduced PG.Diploma in Digital Information Management (PGDDIM) Programme (2 Semester) from the academic year 2010-11.

From 2017-18 academic year 2 year M.Lib.I.Sc is Introduced and one year BLISc is discontinued .earliear to this in year academic year 2013-14 two years M.Lib.I.Sc (Integrated) Course was instituted at Jogipet PG Center in Medak District. Distinguished academicians and Librarians like Sri. Masood Yazdani, Sri. B. P. Shenoy and Sri. K. Raghava Reddy, Smt. Malathi Reddy, Sri.R.K Gupta, Sri Abdul Mahamood, Prof. M.V.Venugopal, Prof. A.A.N.Raju and Prof. J.Yadagiri Reddy, and Prof. N. Laxman Rao, Prof. S.Sudarshan Rao have served as Heads of the Department. Prof. A.A, N Raju also served as Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences and he was also UGC Emeritus Fellow .Prof. N.LaxmanRao and Prof. S.Sudarshan Rao wer also UGC Emeritus Fellows i9n the Deaprtment.The Department has awarded 42 Ph.D and 11 M.Phil Degrees. The Departments Awards Sri K. Ragava Reddy Gold Medal and Academy of Library Science and Documentation Gold Medal, every year to the topper in MLISc and BLISc Courses respectively. Sri C. Ramachendra Reddy Memorial Gold Medal which is instituted from the academic year 2008-09, is Awarded to the topper in Library management in BLISc. The Department offers outreach and extension Services, and organizes campus placements. Continuing and professional upgrading programs such as Seminars, Conferences, Workshops, and Refresher Courses.

Courses Offered

  • Ph.D. Programme
  • M.A.(Lib.I.Sc,)

Paper Titles of M.A.( M.Lib.I.Sc)



Core - 1: Library & Society

Core - 1 : Library Management

Core - 2: Library Classification (Theory)           

Core - 2 : Introduction to Computers           

Core - 3: Library Cataloguing (Theory)           

Core - 3 : Reference and Information Sources and Services

Elective I-A: Library Classification Practice:  DDC 20th Edition     


Elective I-A:  Library Classification (Practice) - UDC-IME 2nd Ed        


Elective I-B: 

Elective I-B:  

Elective II-A: Library Cataloguing (Practice) - AACR-2R (Monographs & Serials)

Elective II-A: Library Cataloguing (Practice) - AACR-2R (Non-Book Material)

Elective II-B: 

Elective II-B: 




Core - 1: Information & Communication

Core - 1 : Management of Library & Information Centers

Core - 2: Information Retrieval Systems (Theory)         

Core - 2 : Library Automation and Networking

Core - 3: Research Methods for Library and Information Science        

Core - 3 : Software for Library Automation (Practice)

Elective I-A: Information Technology (IT)

Elective I-A: Information Systems & Programmes

Elective I-B: College and University Libraries

Elective I-B:Research and Technical Libraries

Elective II-A: (ID) Information Sources

Computer Software (Practice)

Elective II-A:Digital Libraries (Practice (Practical-II)   


Elective II-B: Metadata (Practice)                   

Elective II-B: Information Literacy Practice


Elective II C. Project

Note: Complete details about the course may please be obtained from the Head of the department



Prof. V. Vishwa Mohan, Head & Chairman, BoS
B.Com., M.A., M.L.I.Sc., Ph.D.
Specialization : Community Information Services, Classification Practice DDC - Practice, Research Methodology, Reference & Information Sources & Services, Library and Automation and Networking


Dr. K. Bharathi
M.A.,MLISc, Ph.D
Specialization : Library Management, Library Management and Information Centers, Library Classification Theory, Reference & Information Sources & Services
Dr. J. Vivekavardhan
M.Tech, M.Sc, M.Ed, MLISc. Ph.D
Specialization : Information Technology, Library Cataloguing, Information Processing, Digital Libraries


Mr. S. Swamy
Mr. Syed Abdul Ali