Ph.D. Programme
M.A. 2 Years Course

Prof. A. K. Vasudeva Chary


Prof. A. Nakula Reddy


Teaching of Economics began right from the inception of the University in 1919 at Intermediate level through Urdu medium in the Department of History.

A full-fledged Department of Economics was established in 1935 with the introduction of Economics at B.A. with Prof. Ilyas Burney as the first Head. The M.A. Course in Economics was started in 1937 with the efforts of Prof. Habibur Rehman and Dr. Anwar Iqbal Qureshi.

The Department gained stature during the tenure of Prof. Abdul Qudir as the Head. Prof. Gautam Mathur took over as the Head in 1965. He later became the Vice-Chancellor of Utkal University and Director, Indian Council for Applied Manpower Research. Under his stewardship, the Department scaled new heights and grew into a strong-centre for Development Economics and Economic Planning. The UGC sanctioned Special Assistance Programme (SAP) to the Department during his stint in 1972.

Subsequently, the Department was selected for the University Leadership Programme (ULP) to prepare text material for the undergraduate courses.

The Department has reputed economists on its rolls. Some of them include Dr. Raja J. Chellaiah, Former Member, Planning Commission, Dr. Ali Mohammed Khusro, former Indian Ambassador to West Germany, former Vice-Chancellor, Aligarh Muslim University and presently Chairman, XI Finance Commission, Dr. Ch. Hanumantha Rao, former Member, Planning Commission, and Dr. Balwanth Reddy, former Principal, Administrative Staff College of India.

The Department has a very active research programme with ‘Economics of Development and Planning’ as thrust areas. It has a team of 27 internal and 5 external research supervisors. It has completed 50 research projects and research is underway on 22 projects. The Department has awarded 202 Ph.D. and 197 M.Phil. degrees so far.

The faculty members have entered into academic contracts with CESS, World Bank, Woolongong (Australia), IOWA, Boston, (USA), and Indian Ocean Rim, Association for Regional Cooperation, Mauritus. The thrust area of the Department is Development, Inclusive Growth in Agriculture. The Department has sanctioned Rs. 29,50,000/- under UGC-SAP (DSA-III) for the year 2009-2014.

The Department has been identified as one of the consultant groups for preparing the State Development Report of Andhra Pradesh by Planning Commission.

I Semester
ECO - 101    Micro Economic Analysis - I
ECO - 102    Macro Economic Analysis - I
ECO - 103    Quantitative Methods - I
ECO - 104    Public Economics - I
ECO - 105    International Trade and Finance - I
II Semester
ECO - 201    Micro Economic Analysis - II
ECO - 202    Macro Economic Analysis - II
ECO - 203    Quantitative Methods - II
ECO - 204    Public Economics - II
ECO - 205    International Trade and Finance - II
III Semester
ECO - 301    Econometrics-I
ECO - 302    Economics of Growth & Development
ECO - 303    Indian Economic Policy
ECO - 304    Agricultural Economics
ECO - 305    Inter Disciplinary Paper - "Principles of Economics"  (Note: For Non-Economics Students)
IV Semester

ECO - 401    Econometrics-II
ECO - 402    Industrial Economics

ECO - 403    Optional Papers

            403a)   Computer Applications in Economics

            403b)   Demography

            403c)   Economics of Social Sector

            403d)   Economics of Environment

(Note: The College has to offer one of the four optional papers mentioned under paper-III)

ECO - 404    Project Work

ECO - 405    Inter Disciplinary Paper

                       "Economic Issues of India and Andhra Pradesh" (Note: for Non-Economics Students)


K. Pratap Reddy


M. Venkateshwarlu


A. K. Vasudeva Chary


K. Pochanna

Prof. J. Narsimha Rao

Dr. A. Nakula Reddy, P.G.D.I.B.,M.A.,Ph.D

Chairman, BOS

Dr. A. Muralidhar Rao, M.A.,Ph.D

Dr. G. Laxmaiah, ,M.A.,Ph.D

Dr. B. Sudhakar Reddy



Dr. P. Venkateswarlu                -        Documentation Assistant

Mr. K. Manohar                           -         Technical Assistant


Mr. G. Seshagiri Rao               -        Library Assistant

Mr. Avinash                                -        Book Keeper


Mrs. B. Manjula                         -        Junior Assistant

Mr. P. Bala Shivudu                  -        Statistical Lab Attender

Mr. Mohd. Sadaq                      -         Material Reproduction Assistant

Mr. N. Jangoji                            -         Office Attender

Ms. R. Sunitha                          -          Computer Operator

Mr. Anjaiah                                -          Office Assistant under UGC-SAP (DSA-III)