1. Ph.D Programme

2. M.A. (Journalism and Mass Communication)

Dr. K. Stevenson
M.A., M.C.J., M.Phil., Ph.D.
Chairman, BOS

Dr. B. Balaswamy

M.C.J., Ph.D.

Department of Journalism & Mass Communication

The Department of Journalism & Mass Communication, Osmania University, was established in 1954. The "Department of Journalism", as it was then known, was one of the first departments in the country dedicated to the subject.

Started by De Forest O'Dell, an American journalist and professor, the Department began by offering a one-year post-graduate diploma course, with assistance from World Literacy Inc. In 1962, the course was upgraded to a fullfledged post-graduate Bachelor's Degree course. Osmania became the first University in the country to offer a degree in journalism. In 1974, the Master's degree course (MJ) was introduced.

Responding to the growing importance of the field of communication, the Department was renamed as "Department of Communication and Journalism" in 1976-77. The courses were also renamed as Bachelor of Communication and Journalism (BCJ) and Master of Communication and Journalism (MCJ). The MPhil programme was started in 1991 and PhD programme in 2005. The Department completed its Golden Jubilee in 2004.

The Department made a major shift with the introduction of a two-year MCJ from the academic year 2011-12. The one-year BCJ has since been discontinued. From 2017-18 academic year onwards, the course will be known as "M.A. (Journalism & Mass Communication)" in keeping with the guidelines issued by the University Grants Commission. Accordingly, the Department has also been rechristened as the "Department of Journalism & Mass Communication".

Over the last several years, the Department has opened its doors to a number of overseas students, who along with serving officers of the armed forces and students from other states, have enriched the cultural climate in the Department, reflecting the pluralistic nature of Indian society.

The Department is committed to academic excellence, and its standards are reflected in the fact that a majority of the students find placements in the media and other relevant professions. Each year, quite a few students also bag the prestigious Junior Research Fellowship.

The Department boasts of the latest electronic information gathering and editing equipment and co-hosts activities of the Press Academy, Press Club, Advertising Club and the Public Relations Society.

Courses Offered

  • Ph.D Programme

  • M.A. (Journalism and Mass Communication)

Paper Titles of M.A.(Journalism and Mass Communication)



Core -1: Introduction to Communication and Mass Media 

Core - 1 : Reporting and Editing - II  

Core - 2: Reporting and Editing - I

Core - 2 : Media Law and Ethics

Core - 3: Basics of Electronic Media   

Core - 3 : Media Industry and Management

Elective I-A: Advertising

Elective I-A: Integrated Marketing Communication

Elective I-B: Social Sciences for Journalism

Elective I-B:   Publishing

Elective II-A: Public Relations

Elective II-A: Corporate and Organizational Communication

Elective II-B:  Telugu Journalism

Elective II-B:  Magazine and Photo  Journalism






Core -1: Communication Theory and International Communication  

Core - 1 : Socio Economic Affairs

Core - 2: Communication Research Methods and Applications

Core - 2 : Development and Rural Communication

Core -3: Information and Communication Technologies and New Media

Core - 3 : Digital Journalism

Elective I-A:  Electronic Media-1

Elective I-A:   Electronic Media-II

Elective I-B:  Print Media-1

Elective I-B:  Print Media-II

Elective II-A:  (ID) Freelance Journalism

Elective II-A:  Project Report

Elective II-B: 

Elective II-B:  Writing for Advertising and Public Relations


Note: Complete details about the course may please be obtained from the Head of the department.



Prof. K. Nageshwar
M.C.J., Ph.D.
Specialisation: Newspaper Reporting & Writing Development Journalism, Writing and Applied Communication

Prof. K. Stevenson Head
M.A., M.C.J., M.Phil. (OU), Ph.D. (Mangalore)
Specialisation: Print Media, Organisational Communication, Public Relations

Prof. Karnam Narender
M.C.J., Ph.D
Specialisation: Creative Writing, Magazine writing

Prof. B. Balaswamy Chairman, Board of Studies
M.A. , Ph.D.
Specialisation: Development Communication, Electronic Media and Communication Theory

Dr. T. Sathish Kumar
Mr.M.A. Subhan
Ms.J. Manasa
Mr.Parvez Khan