Ph.D. - 3 Years
M.Phil. - 1 Year, 12 seats
M.A. - 2 years, 30 seats
Junior Diploma in
Modern Arabic -
1 Year, 40 seats

Self-Finance Courses:
Certificate course in proficiency in ARABIC -
6 months
Senior Diploma in Modern Arabic 1 year


Prof. Syeda Talath Sultana

MA, MA(L), PGDTA, M.Phil, Ph.D

Chairperson, BOS
Prof. Mehjabeen Akther

M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D.


The Department was established in 1919 with three faculty members - Moulana Syed Ibrahim Razvi Adeeb, Moulana Syed Nabi and Moulana Mohammad Abdul Quadeer Siddiqui Hasrath.

Prof. Abdus Sattar Siddiqui who was the Head, Department of Persian functioned as the Head, Department of Arabic. Later, when Dr. Abdul Haque joined the Department, he was sent to Oxford University for pursuing Ph.D. On his return, he was made Head of the Department in 1934. He started the Ph.D programme in the Department in 1935.

Dr. Mohd. Abdul Moid Khan brought international recognition to the Department. Prof Mohammed Abdul Sattar Khan, Prof. Syeda Meherunnisa, Prof. Syed Ibrahim Nadvi and Prof. Mohammed Sultan Mohiuddin of the Department were awarded Certificates of Honour by the President of India. Prof. Mohd. Abdul Majeed has been awarded the president of India Certificate of Honour on 15th August 2010.

The Department has been publishing its annual research journal ‘Al-Tanveer’ since 1963.
‘Moulana Mohammed Husamuddin Fazil Memorial Gold Medal’ has been instituted and is being awarded every year to a student who passes M.A. in Arabic with highest marks.

Another Gold Medal has been instituted in 2009 under the caption "Dr. Abdul Fazal Memorial Gold Medal" for the topper in the Literary History of Arabic Literature and is being awarded every year.

The Department has awarded 66 Ph.D and 146 M.Phil degrees so far. The Department was instrumental in introducing Arabic as a second language and also as a modern language in undergraduate courses. In order to make the course job oriented two new papers viz: Functional Arabic & Journalist Arabic along with compulsory bilingual computer training (English and Arabic) have been included in Semester-IV.

Prof. Mohammed Abdul Majeed was the Director of the Dairtal Maarif from 1999-2005. Prof. Qamarunnisa Begum has been nominated as a Member of Academic Senate of Osmania University for three years from March, 2006.

The Department organized three national and one International Seminar in the years 1987, 1999, January, 2005, February 2008, February 2009, March 2010.

Translation Excellence

The Department has specialization in the field of translation & interpretation. A special attention is paid to training the students & scholars to translate the texts from English to Arabic & vice versa. A good number of students of the Department have been absorbed in the Multi National Companies as translatiors & interpretors. During 2005-2010, 15 students of MA have been absorbed in MNCs.

The Department offers special programme for teaching Arabic to those professionals who are being deputed to the gulf countries by the Multi-National Companies.

The Department has established a well-equipped Language Lab with the grant given under DRS - I, SAP by UGC. It is second Language Lab of its standard in India.

I Semester
Syntax - I
Morphology- I
Translation & Phonetics
Functional Arabic
Text Study
II Semester
Syntax - II
Morphology- II
Classical Poetry
Text Study - II
III Semester

Modern Prose
Modern Poetry
History of Classical Arabic Literature

Fundamentals of Journalistic Arabic

Inter-Disciplinary - I (under CBCS) Grammer, Text & Translation

IV Semester

Modern Poetry
History of Modern Arabic Literature
Project Report  / Monograph
Inter-Disciplinary - II (under CBCS) Functional Arabic


Prof. Syeda Talath Sultana, M.A., M.A (L), PGDTA, M.Phil., Ph.D.

Professor & Head


Prof. Mehjabeen Akther, M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D.

Professor & Chairperson, BOs in Arabic

Prof. Mohd. Mustafa Shareef, M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D.
Specialization: Translation, Classical and Indo-Arabic Literature

Prof. Badiuddin Sabri, M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D.
Specialization: Translation and Modern Arabic Literature

Office Staff

  Mr. H. Chandra Mohan
  Mr. Syed Ibrahim