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The University, like any corporate body, is governed by an act which stipulates the authorities and functionaries of the university and their roles and responsibilities.  Over the years, the university has expanded and its administration has become very complex.  External factors like the constitutional framework, the educational policies of Central and State Governments, the University Grants Commission as well as internal factors influence its working.  There are a number of institutional structures charged with the governance of the university.  The Academic Senate, Executive Council, the Finance Committee, the Standing Committee, Faculties, Board of Studies and Departments are the important institutions of the university which are bestowed with powers of decision-making and implementation.


The Chancellor

The Governor of the State is the ex-officio Chancellor of all Universities in the State including Osmania University.  He is the head of the University, presides over the convocation, and exercises powers and performs duties conferred on him by the University Act.  An important function of the Chancellor is to ensure proper working of the University, and to see that it is in tune with the provisions of the Act, the Statutes and Ordinances of the University as well as policies formulated by the State Goverment.

The administrative organisation in Indian Universities are uniformly structured.  There may, however, be variations in terms of the roles and powers of different functionaries as well as structure of internal units of universities.  Osmania University is no exception to this.  The University Act provides, for a Chancellor, a Vice-Chancellor, a Rector, A Registrar, a Finace Officer, Deans, Principals, Heads of Departments, and Chairman of Boards of Studies.  Each one of these functionaries has a clearly defined role and responsibilities.


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